EWayDirect, Inc.

Getting to Know Your Target Audience with Social Media and Search
May 18, 2011

In the days of Don Draper and Mad Men, understanding a brand’s target audience meant identifying characteristics of members of that audience. In today’s digital media landscape, that is greatly influenced by the search and social media channels. Understanding your target means paying attention to what they are saying and searching, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the value of every interaction with your brand.

E-mail List Building Basics
January 1, 2007

When it comes to building your e-mail list through search engine marketing (SEM), say experts, a comprehensive plan of action is equally as important as the need for immediate action. Sadly, it’s in this area that marketers tend to put the cart before the horse. “It’s more about Web site construction than Web site style,” says Frank Siano, vice president of SEM for eWayDirect, an e-messaging service provider based in Norwalk, Conn., that builds and supports Internet-based software applications designed to help marketers communicate with customers and prospects. “You really do have to start with the basics, and that means constructing the site with