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Insert Media Buying Guide: Help Wanted
September 1, 2007

The good news: Insert media continues to blossom, with new programs being announced regularly. The could-be-better news: The channel still needs more players, both advertisers and program owners. While this medium has seen significant expansion in recent years, everyone with a stake in its success is clamoring for more. More large programs. More variety in advertisers and offers. To identify a few of the main challenges and opportunities in the insert media arena, Target Marketing called on two leading experts: Leon Henry, chairman and CEO of Leon Henry Inc., and Lisa Roland, president of Everyday Media. They shared their thoughts on how marketers can leverage

Insert Media Buying Guide: Special Report
September 1, 2007

With media fragmentation a reality for all marketers, finding a way to be in more places at the same time is critical to capturing prospects’ and customers’ attention, not to mention growing sales. At the same time, those locations all need to produce an acceptable ROI. Due to its attractive CPMs and the increasing number of available programs, some marketers are considering insert media campaigns for the very first time. And they’re finding that this channel can work well, but only if they’re willing to really invest some time to build a media strategy and to be tireless in their testing. While more insert

Send More Inserts to Gauge Performance
July 25, 2005

Send more than one key per order. It's the only way to know for sure that all inserts mailed as scheduled. If you send three keys, and only two get a response, it's a safe bet that not everything mailed. If you only send one key and it underperforms, you could dismiss a program that may have actually worked for your offer. —Lisa Roland, president, Everyday Media

Insert Media Insider Tip
April 25, 2005

Commit to multiple months at once, which will enable your broker to negotiate the best possible rate up front. —Lisa Roland, president, Everyday Media

2005 Insert Media Marketers Idea Exchange
How can you cut
February 1, 2005

How can you cut "Collate pieces at the distribution/order fulfillment center, as this will cut shipping costs of moving the collated pieces/envelopes back to where the orders are fulfilled. [Also,] manage shipping costs. If you accept overweight pieces and don't charge additional for this, it could be eating away from your revenue if this increase in weight also increases your costs for shipping. And manage inventory. Each item—or type of item—in the warehouse may incur an overhead cost based on the amount of space it occupies. Don't accept too many pieces at a time that will sit and incur overhead charges. Keep insert