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When Do Personalized URLs Work in Direct Marketing Campaigns?
April 13, 2011

While closely coordinated direct mail and email campaigns are both popular and successful today, perhaps the most effective demonstrations of the offline-online marriage are personalized URL (PURL) campaigns. This "marriage" is thoroughly explored in DirectMarketingIQ's recent report on personalized URLs.

Grayhair Software Announces Partnership with EU Services
March 21, 2011

GrayHair Software, Inc., an industry leader in mail tracking and reporting software and services, announced its partnership with EU Services. EU Services, an award winning, veteran–owned company whose services include customized direct mail solutions, chose GrayHair Software's GHSelect, a proprietary IMb generation and assignment tool, to manage their Intelligent Mail barcode service for their direct mail offerings. "EU Services has helped our customer create and produce high–performance direct mail packages for over four decades. Our direct mail solutions include cost–efficient production options and GrayHair's GHSelect will allow us to help our customers optimize their postal

Xerox and XMPie Go Virtual at ‘Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk’
March 11, 2011

This virtual trade show featuring the latest in marketing tools and know-how will be held on Tuesday, March 15. Xerox customers Anderson Direct Marketing, Print Three and EU Services will share their broad experience in generating cross-media campaigns via live chat.

For Capturing Survey Data, pURLs Are Golden
January 14, 2010

Once upon a time, when they were first introduced, pURLs were viewed by many as a fancy way to sell something to customers. Today's smarter pURLs offer customers some benefits, too. For example, pURLs are the perfect landing spot at which customers can both pick up targeted information and offer feedback to a favorite store, charity or membership organization.

3 Ways to Fuse Direct Marketing and Customer Service
May 20, 2009

The gulf between an organization's direct marketing and customer service efforts has narrowed considerably in today's marketplace, according to a recent whitepaper, Customer Service and Direct Marketing: The New Synergy, from EU Services, a direct marketing production facility based in Rockville, Md. And since customers have so many other choices in this marketplace, organizations are advised to create direct marketing efforts that are as focused on regular customers as prospective ones.

PURLs: How to Avoid Data Risks
April 1, 2009

As technology has evolved, so have consumers’ concerns surrounding the use of their personal data. Not only are they leery of providing information, consumers also are leery of who uses their personalized data and for what purposes. Marketers can ease their customers' concerns by taking precautions, especially surrounding their online marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to think about when creating a personalized URL (PURL) campaign:

The Green Production Process
April 1, 2008

Felt-covered amphibians and marketing managers agree: It’s not easy being green. But that doesn’t stop Kermit or your friendly neighborhood production company from trying. “Green” is more than today’s favorite buzzword. Marketing managers should put an ear to the ground for the environmentally sound practices of the companies with which they do business. In doing so, they can save money, exhibit stewardship, reduce their carbon footprints and even improve ROI. Find Where the Green Savings Grow For many years, paper has been easy to recycle, so all direct marketing production companies make it part of their plant processes. But direct marketing managers need to

Outsource Solutions: Lettershops
May 1, 2004

The Proof Is in the Process Personalization can boost response to a direct mail campaign because of its ability to establish a connection with each member of the target audience. But it can have the opposite effect if errors in the data or its presentation mangle the message. One of the keys to executing a successful personalized direct mail campaign is working with your lettershop to create a proofing process that leaves no personalization element uninspected. The variety of proofing methods available to direct marketers can be confusing, says Sylvia Konkel, vice president of marketing at EU Services, a full-service mailing facility in Rockville, MD. That’s why