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Technology Roundup Products on the Cutting Edge
December 1, 2003

Products on the Cutting Edge By Noelle Skodzinski It's just like the modern-day chicken and egg: Does technology evolve and change society? Or does society demand technology to adapt to change? It seems with direct marketing, the technological chicken and egg arrive at the same time, spinning around each other in a tenacious dance. "Click-to-call" technologies became available just as companies began trying to improve unchartered customer-service issues on cold, impersonal Web sites. (If click-to-call is still new to you—as it is to many—you can read more about it below.) But,

E-mail Don'ts
October 1, 2003

By Regina Brady There are plenty of articles about the "dos" of e-mail marketing. Here's a look at the flip side: The things you don't want to do in your e-mail campaign. 1. Don't load the copy, push "send" and move on We've all got a lot on our plates, and it's easy to be trigger-happy with the send button. Have you received e-mails with misspellings or odd formatting? It makes you think twice about the marketer. Take time to proof your e-mails before they go out. Run a spell-checker, and make sure the format looks the way you expected it to in