E-mail: How Frequent Is Too Frequent?
October 1, 2006

Frequency is a challenge for most e-mail marketers. According to eROI’s Q2 2006 e-mail statistics trend report, it is one of the key reasons people unsubscribe to e-mail programs. The e-marketing agency reveals a full 56 percent of people polled report too-frequent e-mails as the reason for unsubscribing, while 3 percent claim they unsubscribe from e-mails that don’t come often enough. An easy solution to this challenge is simply to scale your e-mail efforts back, but as the chart at right illustrates, a definition of “too frequent” may be hard to come by. While both B-to-B and B-to-C subscribers exhibit a slight preference for monthly

Tips for Translating E-mails
July 12, 2006

Over the years, e-mail has proven to be an invaluable marketing tactic, and the vast majority of marketers today count it as one of their key channels. But, how well do your e-mail efforts translate into a tool for tapping the United States’ growing multicultural population? “Many organizations are starting to take a closer look at their multicultural e-mail marketing initiatives and how to tailor them to the needs of those audiences, from both a language and cultural perspective,” states Ryan Buchanan, CEO of e-services consultancy eROI. What follows is a list of Buchanan’s tips for translating e-mail communications for multicultural audiences. Write with an