3 Ways Metrics Can Improve Your Email Marketing Program
August 9, 2012

Filmmakers often spend years developing a concept, writing the content and hiring the right actors before their movie ever makes it into theaters. However, all of that hard work doesn't guarantee that the finished project will be a hit with audiences. It's not over until the reviews are in. The same is true of your email marketing campaigns.

Optimizing Email for Mobile Devices
September 8, 2010

Studies show that some Americans check their email accounts in the middle of the night and many remotely peruse their work accounts on Sunday evening; meaning that the next trend—that consumers are checking their email accounts on-the-go with mobile devices—isn't much of a shock.

Marketers Not Tracking the Right Social Media Metrics
August 5, 2010

While many marketers are keeping track of their social media efforts, they may be tracking the wrong numbers, at least according to the results of an eROI survey of more than 500 B-to-B and B-to-C marketers this past spring.

8 Best Practices for Collecting Data from Social Networks
June 30, 2010

Data units mined from social networking sites often can be more difficult to categorize than the usual demographic information direct marketers collect in their data mining expeditions. However, keeping the minefield for data mining in mind, social networking sites are still replete with veins of consumer-insight gold. According to experts, marketers should extract that treasure, but carefully.

Banfield's Lisa Yaccino Rogers On How the Pet Hospital Business Used Web Analytics to Design Its Mobile Site
April 14, 2010

Banfield, The Pet Hospital, is a business so enamored with its 2 million four-legged patients that it capitalizes the letter "P" in "pets" on its Web site, in its e-mails—and now on its new mobile site. The Portland, Ore.-based business with locations throughout the U.S., U.K. and Mexico looked through its analytics and noticed that more than 5,000 clients of the two-legged variety were using mobile phones to access

Case Study: Icebreaker Breaks Records With Holiday Email Campaign
February 11, 2010

Goal: Icebreaker, a Wellington, New Zealand-based outdoor apparel company, wanted to entice U.S.-based consumers to purchase Icebreaker clothing as gifts for their friends and families during the holidays, ultimately driving 2009 holiday sales.

Solution: Partnered with an email marketing agency to create a multipart holiday email marketing campaign promoting its brand to its U.S. list.

Results: The campaign improved Icebreaker's 2009 holiday online sales versus holiday 2008.

LeanLogistics - Leading the Way
November 1, 2009

Over the past few years, LeanLogistics, an on-demand transportation management solutions provider, has tried to separate itself from the pack by becoming a thought leader to its customers. A key element to this quest has been to distribute whitepapers and other materials that could be downloaded for free to collect leads.

Email Testing Best Practices
September 18, 2009

Email testing is the catalyst between email marketing goals and the tactics needed to reach them. As a result, there are many options for testing on each email metric.