A List Professional Speaks: Alan Zamchick
January 4, 2010

Target Marketing took some time to chat with Alan Zamchick, vice preisdent of list management for Media Horizons Management about how he entered the list business, who his mentors were, what challenges he has faced in the industry and more.

Envision’s Jill Majors on Guided Voice Mail
September 26, 2007

For B-to-B marketers working to reach current or prospective customers, guided voice mail—technology that allows users to record a voice mail message once, then deliver it to hundreds of people—is one tool to increase efficiency while maintaining a personal touch. Unlike auto dialers, live agents navigate a company’s phone system and guide the pre-recorded message to the intended recipient’s voice mailbox. Envision, a Seattle-based call center software provider, uses guided voice mail for both software sales campaigns and event notifications. Its target audience is call center directors and managers—people who already are accustomed to doing a good deal of their business via telephone. According

Guns and Words
April 24, 2007

This past weekend, my friend David Ehrlich, a world-class violinist and teacher, came through Philadelphia to rehearse for a string quartet performance outside Boston next week and he stayed with us, as he always does. David is the Outreach Fellow in Fine Arts at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. When the massacre happened last week, my thoughts were very much with him and his wife, Teresa, a superb pianist. But I decided not to call or e-mail; I figured they had enough going on without one more intrusion. While he was here, we talked some about the horrific event and the aftermath and then

The Passing of William Rehnquist
September 8, 2005

Who is the keeper of your flame? Denny Hatch's Business Common Sense (September 8, 2005): Vol. 1, Issue #29 IN THE NEWS Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist died Saturday evening of cancer, ending a remarkable 33-year tenure on the Supreme Court and creating a rare second vacancy on the nation's highest court. --Gina Holland "Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies at His Home" The Associated Press, Sept. 3, 2005, 11:58 p.m. U.S./Eastern Shareholders of Nextel Partners have bid up its stock like a piece of hot Manhattan real estate, gambling that Sprint Nextel