‘Welcome Netiquette’: 6 Steps to Happy Email Subscribers and Increased ROI
March 4, 2013

Sending a message to welcome new subscribers to your list is one of the most effective steps a marketer can take toward establishing positive relationships with potential customers. These messages can achieve open rates of more than 50 percent, and they have the potential to generate significantly more revenue than a general email campaign. The value doesn't stop there—establishing early engagement with your campaigns can help improve results for later emails, as well.

5 Reasons Consumers Hate You
March 1, 2013

Three out of four consumers surveyed "reported they would resent a brand after being bombarded by emails," according to research conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Emailvision. Half would stop favoring brands that got their names wrong, while only 40 percent would be offended by gender errors, finds the survey announced in January.

35 Top Tips of 2012
December 1, 2012

To close out the year, the Target Marketing editorial staff reviewed all the content from the magazine, Today @ Target Martketing e-newsletter and blogs in 2012, hunting for some of the best marketing ideas and tips from our top experts to share with you.

When’s Best to Pull the (Email) Trigger? - LinkedIn Discussion of the Week
November 30, 2012

Well, email marketing may not be "an energy field created by all living things" that "surrounds us and penetrates us" and "binds the galaxy together," but marketers can use the powerful force of email for good. The "Star Wars: A New Hope" quote from Obi-Wan Kenobi comes when Kenobi explains to Luke Skywalker that the force is what gives the Jedi power. Triggers can boost email marketers' power, find Colleen T. Reese and Anthony Wilkey of Emailvision. Regarding the former, Reese, a LinkedIn Integrated Marketing Mix group member, created the discussion "Multichannel Marketing Thursdays: When are the best times to pull the (email) trigger?"

Email: When Are the Best Times to Pull the Trigger?
November 28, 2012

Whether you're a mom-and-pop store on the corner or an international retail conglomerate, the old saying holds true: "People do business with the people they know, like and trust." Success is contingent on building relationships with your customers.

Email Marketing: Stop the Madness, Start Being Relevant
August 8, 2012

An email blast is a thing of the past. Marketers must embrace today’s marketing requirements that involve a shift away from generic email marketing, and a move to dynamic, personalized messaging that will engage customers and boost results. Email provides marketers with an easy, low-cost opportunity to connect with consumers, yet this channel can often cause a rift in the customer relationship if not targeted toward individual behaviors and needs. While email lends itself to frequent conversations, irrelevant messaging undermines the potential for dialogue by alienating the customers before they fully engage.