The Best Email Marketing Companies for August 2011 Ranked by
August 4, 2011

The top 10 email marketing companies in the industry are ranked by, the indpendent authority on search vendors. Email marketing is the process of direct marketing in which fund raising or product information is provided by sending commercial or fundraising messages to the viewers. At present hundreds of different companies are offering various email marketing solutions to target customers. Their services and client satisfaction have been put into test to find out the best email marketing companies. Ranks Best Email Marketing Software for April
April 22, 2011, an independent authority on search vendors, has released its Best Email Marketing Software list for April. Over the past few years, email has been one of the most popular forms of communication. Its many benefits, including accessibility, convenience, timeliness and cost effectiveness, have played a huge role in making it such a widely used technology.

Survey Finds Nearly All E-Mail Marketing Pros Comply With Unsubscribe Requirements
December 13, 2007

A full 96 percent of e-mail marketing professionals include an unsubscribe function in their promotional e-mails, in compliance with the Can Spam Act and with e-mail marketing best practices. However, most marketers leave customer retention opportunities on the table during the unsubscribe process by not offering recipients alternative forms of communication or gathering valuable exit information.

Three Ways to Solve E-mail Delivery Problems
June 6, 2007

A recent poll of e-mail marketers suggest that eight out of 10 of them consider deliverability issues to be a major concern, yet only one out of 10 classify increasing their deliverability rates as a high priority, according to the May 2007 whitepaper, Best Practices For Email Delivery, from Montreal–based Cypra Media. Of course, subpar delivery rates hurt e-mail marketers’ ROI, but there are measures that marketers can take to remain competitive. #1 Reality Check: 80 Percent is NOT 100 Percent Marketers tend to focus on factors they directly control, such as creative content and data managements, and often consider deliverability rates as an

Four Tactics to Improve E-mail Any Time of the Year
December 20, 2006

While it’s too late to make improvements that will boost the results of this year’s final e-mail campaigns, it’s not too early to start laying plans that could provide a significant lift in next year’s e-mail response. Stefan Pollard, director of consulting services for Menlo Park, Calif. e-mail marketing solutions firm EmailLabs, suggests marketers use the following tactics to beat the e-mail inbox doldrums. Tactic #1: Avoid look-alike subject lines. “Present a unique value proposition for why consumers should shop with you, and steer clear of overused lines like ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘Today Only,’” says Pollard. Marketers can see what subject lines are used most often