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Greg Grdodian Named CEO at Reach Marketing
October 21, 2013

Reach Marketing LLC announced today that Greg Grdodian has been named its Chief Executive Officer. Greg brings 18 years of management experience, technical and creative conceptualization and inventive direct marketing strategies to Reach Marketing. "Greg's rare blend of intellect, tireless work ethic, knowledge, experience and management credentials will continue to drive Reach and its clients…

DM Industry Veteran Joel Manning Joins Reach Marketing
August 29, 2013

Reach Marketing, the industry-leading direct marketing and email management specialists, announced the addition of prominent list broker Joel Manning as the company's new Vice President, List Brokerage. Formerly of InfoGroup/Edith Roman Associates, Joel has over 20 years of direct marketing, customer acquisition and customer retention expertise.

NextMark Releases 4Q 2010 Data Card Quality Report
January 14, 2011

 NextMark, Inc. a leading provider of direct marketing tools and resources, today published its fourth quarter 2010 Data Card Quality Report. The report categorizes list management firms based on the number of titles managed, and provides an average data card quality score across each company’s list management portfolio.

InfoGroup Rolls Out New Corporate Branding, Continues Reorg Efforts
January 5, 2010

After a decade-long acquisitions spree that included Direct Media, Millard Group, Edith Roman Associates, Mokrynski Direct and YesMail, InfoGroup is launching an initiative to turn what CEO Bill Fairfield describes as a "loose confederation of 31 business units" that "caused operational inefficiencies and confusion in the marketplace" into a more unified portfolio of data-driven products and services under the InfoGroup brand umbrella.

Are Whitepapers Dead?
June 1, 2008

It’s often the case that when a marketing technique is overused, it gradually loses its effectiveness. When that happens, usage drops off, and prospects are no longer bombarded by the technique. Example: the AOL CD mailings. A year or so later, a marketer remembers the old technique, realizes it hasn’t been used for a while and decides to test it again. Sure enough, it works because the market hasn’t seen it for some time. Other marketers who use it also start getting good results, and the marketing tool becomes popular once more. Now, in B-to-B, some direct marketers are questioning whether whitepapers are

Market Focus: Meeting & Event Planners
June 1, 2008

If you want to market your product or service to thousands of people, you can take the path of intense advertising to reach those people one by one—or you can reach out to those whose jobs give them the buying power of thousands. Meeting and event planners have influence far beyond their numbers, and if you can make the right connections, they’ll make the sales for you. Meeting the Meeting Planners The U.S. had 51,000 meeting and convention planners in 2006, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and that number is projected to grow by 20 percent over the next decade, reaching 61,000

Market Focus: Hospital Administrators: Reach the Wellness Pros
December 1, 2007

Is your marketing campaign in need of a healthy dose of responsive prospects? Targeting hospital and health care administrators, with their impressive corporate budgets and high personal incomes, may be just the elixir. Hospital administrators and executives plan, direct, coordinate and supervise health care delivery. This market breaks down into two groups: Generalists manage (or help manage) entire facilities or health care systems. Specialists are in charge of specific clinical departments or services, such as nursing care, surgery, information technology, medical records or supply chain management. These professionals often are responsible for dozens—even hundreds—of employees and millions of dollars’ worth of facilities and equipment,

Market Focus: Restaurateurs
October 1, 2006

You could say the business forecast for the restaurant industry is as rosy as a vodka blush sauce. Research conducted by the National Restaurant Association, the leading business association for the restaurant industry, indicates that consumers will continue to allocate more of their food dollars to meals outside of the home. Currently this figure hovers around 40 percent, but Hudson Riehle, senior vice president, research at the National Restaurant Association, estimates it will hit an unprecedented high of 50 percent within the next few years. And the economic impact of this consumption trend on the spending power of the restaurant industry will be significant,

It Takes Two
June 1, 2006

During the process of editing, writing and proofing articles for this issue, one message kept creeping up in many of the stories: A good business partnership leverages the knowledge of all parties for results that can be nothing short of astonishing. Some examples of how two heads (or three, four or five) are better than one: n Automotive dealer AutoNation doubled response to its customer direct mail efforts by working with direct marketing/printing firm DME to develop data-driven, customized communications; in turn, DME partners with document solutions firm Xerox and software company XMPie to provide its clients with cutting-edge printing technology. Read more about these fruitful

TM0506_Hot Lists
April 4, 2006

Consumer Disney Movie Club Enhanced Masterfile This file is comprised of 443,402 12-month buyers of Disney movies via the Disney Movie Club. These families with children receive three free videos or DVDs and agree to purchase four more in the following two years. Enhanced selects include children’s age range, age of adult, grandparents, avid book readers, cat/dog owners, and more. The base list price is $95/M. Call your list broker or True North List Co., (203) 459-4348 or visit www.truenorthlist.com. About Kid Crafters & Kid’s Crafts Reach 891,612 individuals who have indicated via a survey that they purchase child-safe and/or child-focused crafting products, materials and