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How Cooperative Are Co-op Databases?
November 1, 2005

By Hallie Mummert Industry experts get into the pros and cons of this prospecting and analytics tool On the surface, participation in a cooperative database sounds like an absolute no-brainer. Merging your customer data with that of other direct marketers to develop more robust models that enable you to prospect more effectively than you could with only your own data to go on—what could be more intuitive? Scratch a little deeper, though, and you begin to realize that this sweet-smelling rose also can have thorns. Depending on how a cooperative database is governed, list managers and list owners cite risks such as unfair

Private Databases: The High-Volume Mailer's Answer to a Shrinking Universe
January 1, 2004

By Hallie Mummert At last year's List Vision, an annual one-day seminar on list marketing held by the Direct Marketing Association, the underlying message of the keynote address was clear: The maturing of the list-rental market has brought the industry to a difficult juncture that requires marketers to do more than pay lip service to list analysis. Today's successful direct marketing company—and the list broker advising it—has to overcome shrinking universes, the over-mailing of multi-buyers, fewer available lists due to company mergers and the growing number of sliced-and-diced masterfiles to find the names that will perform. According to keynote panelist Don Mokrynski, founder and