Easter Seals

5-Minute Interview: Christopher Cleghorn, Easter Seals
February 1, 2006

On Jan. 8, 2006, the U.S. Postal Service implemented a postal rate increase of approximately 5.4 percent for Standard Mail and 3 percent for Nonprofit Standard Mail. It’s the first increase since 2002, and was established to fulfill the requirement of a federal law passed in 2003 that commands the Postal Service to establish a $3.1 billion escrow account, with use of the funds to be determined by Congress at a later date. Christopher Cleghorn, executive vice president, direct and interactive marketing for Chicago-based nonprofit Easter Seals, spoke with Target Marketing on how the increase may affect his organization’s direct mail efforts. Target Marketing: What is

Blockbuster Direct Mail 2004 Axel Andersson Grand Controls
April 1, 2005

The following is the full list of Grand Controls identified by the Who's Mailing What! Archive as having been mailed for three years or more during the past decade (1995-2004). For more information on any of these mailings, contact Archive Director Paul Bobnak, at (215) 238-5225. Or, to order access to the entire direct mail library of mailings received by the Archive between 1994 and the present, visit www.whosmailingwhat.com. AARP Membership Registration Archive Code: 571AMASRP0604Z AARP Membership Card Archive Code: 571AMASRP0397A AARP Certificate of Admission Archive Code: 573AMASRP1095AZ Advertising Age Year/$69.95 Archive Code: 205ADAGEM0799Z Air & Space 5 + 1

Inteview with Christopher G. Cleghorn, Easter Seals (405 words)
June 1, 2003

By Paul Barbagallo Easter Seals' Executive Vice President of Direct and Interactive Marketing Chris Cleghorn shares a few of his fund-raising challenges and successes with Target Marketing. Target Marketing: Tell me about your most successful campaign. Cleghorn: It would be the complete redesign of our Easter Seals seal acquisition [package]—the one that actually uses the "seals." We tested it five years ago and rolled out the campaign the next year. Our organization had been mailing seals for about 60 years. It was the original source of our identity. The reworking of the package into a new format with stronger elements and more effective use

Nonprofit CRM
July 1, 2002

How the Internet is helping Easter Seals build relationships with constituents By Lisa A. Yorgey Constituent relationship management (CRM) is a familiar concept to Easter Seals. The nonprofit organization brings in $30 million annually, much of which comes from repeat donors, in its efforts to help more than 1 million children and adults with disabilities. Until now, it has been cultivating a relationship with its constituents primarily through its direct mail efforts. No formal program is in place, however, to integrate these direct mail efforts with its other marketing channels. Until recently, Easter Seals hadn't heavily invested in its Internet presence. The organization, however,