Dove Is Tone-Deaf Again
October 9, 2017 at 8:00 am

Dove created an affirming campaign about real beauty that went so right — showing women that they were truly radiant as they were. Then

Dove Personalizes Marketing Messages With Emojis
November 6, 2015

Brands are moving beyond the banner ad and straight to emjois. In today's increasingly digital environment, 74 percent of people report using emojis daily, and 67 percent of all women and girls agree they can better express what they want to say with emojis than with words. Tech company Snaps figured out how to help brands capitalize on the trend.

3 Success Factors to Insights-Driven Automation
February 10, 2015

Most marketers do not have a technology problem. In fact, we've crossed the chasm of a few years ago, when technology could not keep up with marketers' vision of customer engagement. Now, we have so much technology, we can't utilize it strategically and we struggle to integrate it.

How the Other Half Lives: What Your Users Want on Social Media
September 23, 2014

Predicting what goes on in consumers' minds before they hit the all-important "Buy" button is worth $1 million dollars. With all the sophisticated technology we have on our side today, marketers are still often clueless about what truly motivates their prospects.

Dove's Father's Day Ads Feature Insights From Real World Dads
June 11, 2014

In case it may have slipped the mind, it's Father's Day this Sunday. Dove is celebrating the occasion with a new 30-second ad for their Men+Care line that puts the focus on the men in the family. The father of the 21st century is no longer simply bringing home the bacon, he is cutting and serving it to his kids too, before giving them a bath and putting them to bed. In the spot, 'Calls for Dad', we see

4 Companies Getting Video Right
May 6, 2014

The traditional process of video production costs companies serious money, with heavy equipment, expensive studio fees and a result that wasn't always worth the massive amount of time and energy put into the project. But the times they are a-changing. We now live in a world that thrives on immediate visual interaction, and with companies like Vimeo and Vine dominating the social scene, we're seeing a steep rise in video engagement once more. Follow these video tips and the examples set by four companies — Dove, Logitech, Columbia Sportswear and Chipotle — that are acing the viral video game.

The Secret to Viral Video Marketing
February 27, 2014

In 2013, the standout winner in the race to create the most viral piece of branded content was Dove, with its three-minute Real Beauty Sketches. That's according to Visible Measures, a U.S.-based company that tracks the online performance of branded videos and collects metrics on how audiences engage with them and share them with others. By late December 2013, when Visible Measures’ analysts sat down to compile their list of the year's top 10 viral videos, Real Beauty Sketches had registered almost 136 million views since its mid-April launch on YouTube.

Vine: Can Brands Tell a Story in 6 Seconds or Fewer? Ritz, Dove and Trident Think So
January 29, 2013

Whenever new platforms launch these days, brands are instantly checking them out to see how they can “become a part of the conversation.” What that really means is how they can use a site like Twitter, or its new app Vine, to get your eyeballs, interact with you ... The story isn’t that brands try out new platforms. That’s boring. The interesting part is how they approach them and why. Now that consumers have the power to skip through commercials on programs that they record, creative advertisers have to start pushing the envelope on generating interesting

Dove Targets Facebook Ads With Ad Makeover App
May 22, 2012

When Dove launched its "Evolution ad in 2006, which showed in time lapse the extensive retouching models undergo for photo shoots, it tapped into the of-the-moment fascination with viral videos to champion its “Real Beauty” message. Now Dove Australia has focused its attention on a newer trend in online advertising: targeted Facebook ads, particularly those that promote female-focused "self-improvement" products.