Google Wants All Your Data, Marketers
March 17, 2016 at 8:00 am

Last year, I predicted Google would try to own retargeting on its network and continue to own as much of marketers’ data as possible.

Remarketing: How to Make Your Content Marketing and SEO up to 7x More Awesome
November 26, 2013

Today, I'll share with you a case study on how we used remarketing to make our content marketing and SEO efforts up to seven times more effective. In the last two years, we've moved beyond just doing SEO to kicking some major online marketing butt and I'd love to show you the lessons we've learned in the time it took to get here. Hopefully you can cut your own learning curve and get right to it! Rockin' SEO and the company no one knows: WordStream's website launched late in 2008

Track This: Web Tags Surged 53% in 2012
February 18, 2013

The labyrinthine maze of data-collecting technologies that makes the Web hum became even more complex in 2012. A Global Tracker report by privacy-services firm Evidon measured sites across the internet and found 987 Web-tracking tags from ad servers, analytics companies, audience-segmenting firms, social networks and sharing tools. That's up 53 percent from the 645 unique trackers found in first quarter. The 10 most-prevalent technologies come from some of the biggest online players

Are You Buying ‘Smart Media?’
January 14, 2013

Media buying, or online advertising, is more than just a Web strategy to help grow your business. It's both a science and an art. It involves a bit of finesse, competitive research, creativity and good negotiation skills.

Google Fined $22.5 Million for Misrepresenting Privacy Assurances to Safari Users
August 10, 2012

Google Inc. has agreed to pay a record $22.5 million civil penalty to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it misrepresented to users of Apple Inc.’s Safari Internet browser that it would not place tracking “cookies” or serve targeted ads to those users, violating an earlier privacy settlement between the company and the FTC. The settlement is part of the FTC’s ongoing efforts make sure companies live up to the privacy promises they make to consumers and is the largest penalty the agency has ever obtained for a violation of a Commission order.

Microsoft Admits $6.2B Invested in Online Display Worth Nothing Today
July 3, 2012

Microsoft has written off nearly the entire value of aQuantive, the ad tech company it bought for $6.3 billion in 2007. The aQuantive deal was Microsoft's biggest acquisition until the company bought Skype for $8.5 billion last year. It too came at a heady time for tech acquisitions. Google had just bought DoubleClick for $3.1 billion, part of a years-long effort to build out the pipes of online advertising.

Google Announces 'Brand Activate Initiative' for Online Advertising, Hopes to Establish New Standard
April 19, 2012

When Google makes a new move in advertising, people are bound to take notice. And it's made a fairly big one today. It's announced what it's dubbed the "Brand Activate Initiative" at the Ad Age Digital Conference today, something that initially consists of two new services for advertisers: Active View and Active GRP. The latter is a so-called gross rating point metric that's modeled to some extent on TV advertising, while Active View is something that Google hopes will become a standard for all online advertising. In short, it measures both how long an ad remains on a person's …

Google Privacy Snafu Stirs Privacy Debate … Again
February 21, 2012

It looks like Google was caught with its hand in the privacy cookie jar again. A research study from Stanford University shows that Google DoubleClick was circumventing users’ privacy controls on Safari and tracking them without their knowledge or permission. 

Video, the Last Frontier
September 1, 2011

Most members of the direct marketing industry, other than DRTV practitioners, don't grasp the impending impact that online video with viewer tracking will have on the $180 billion direct marketing industry. The ability to deliver and track video on smartphones and tablets is suddenly critical for successful video direct marketing.