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Content Plus Three Equals Integration
August 19, 2010

While content such as TV programs, commercials, articles, websites, social media, and anything marketers use to attract and engage consumers has always been the driver behind consumers’ brand interactions, lately it's “all the rage,” thanks to an increase in providers and outlets from which to receive content.

BlueCross BlueShield of SC "Pre-Heats" the Senior Market
April 1, 2004

By Carol Goldstein In the Medicare-supplement insurance arena, "birthday event marketing" to those turning 65 historically has been the premier marketing approach. With its traditionally high response rates and equally positive sales conversion, birthday event marketing tends to produce low cost-per-sale ratios compared to subsequent marketing efforts geared toward the 66-plus market. A birthday program typically is developed based on these key realities:

Integrated Media: Maximize Your Investment
May 1, 2003

By Linda Reed With return on investment (ROI) the name of the marketing game today, direct marketing has become an increasingly important and robust component of any advertiser's overall marketing mix. When it comes to integrating direct media, however, it's critical that the focus be on developing a basis for future sales as opposed to simply owning the market for a brief moment. That said, there are three direct marketing approaches, each driven by specific marketing objectives, for striking a balance between immediate return—pure direct response—and sustainable growth. The Multi-Media Blitz The multi-media blitz is as it sounds—an all-out deluge of consistent