A Vision for the Future of DMA: A Q&A With DMA’s Lindsay Hutter
November 19, 2014

For direct marketers, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is the legacy trade association in a sea of upstarts. DMA's been reinventing itself, positioning itself as a data-driven organization. Just before DMA2014, the organization brought Lindsay Hutter on board as its new SVP of communications. Target Marketing interviewed Hutter on Oct. 23. This is the full interview with Hutter, who joins DMA after her years at New York-based PR firm Hill+Knowlton and the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).

DMA2014: 2 Tips to Gain Customer Insight
November 11, 2014

"This data is not a big monster. You can actually tame it and create insights," says Lung Huang, VP of digital advertising for dunnhumby. He stopped by the Target Marketing booth at DMA 2014 in San Diego to help marketers who may only have less than a minute to watch a video. In this, they’ll gain two valuable insights on how to gain customer insight from all that data.

Marketers' Greatest Big Government Threat: Being the Boogieman
November 3, 2014

Whether the issue is privacy, data security or spam, we never seem far from the specter of governments taking actions that would knock the pillars out from under the best direct marketing plans. At DMA2014 in San Diego, we got the chance to talk to DMA's VP of Government Affairs Rachel Nyswander Thomas about where we might see trouble coming, and what marketers can do to keep the politicians on their side.

What Is Engagement? DMA14's VIP Roundtable
October 30, 2014

Understanding how to ignite customer engagement starts here in San Diego at DMA2014 with keynote presentations, advice from thought leaders, and insight from VIPs. "The central theme at DMA2014 is all about building and creating engagement," said DMA President Jane Berzan. "This year's event is a week-long experience that explores the connections between brands and consumers that can ignite customer engagement." So we got a few of them together to ask: What is engagement, and how does it fit into data-driven marketing?

San Diego Dreamin' - Charging Through 'The DMA'
October 27, 2014

The last time the Direct Marketing Association held its annual conference in San Diego, it was 2009, we were all amid The Great Recession, and having been recently thrown out of a job, money was just too tight to attend on my own. Since then, marketing has changed—a lot—and the U.S. economy overall is in better shape than it was. Folks, looking back, we avoided a Depression

DMA Names Lindsay Hutter SVP of Communications
October 24, 2014

Lindsay Hutter, the Direct Marketing Association's new SVP of communications, says she'll take a "stoplight" approach to what to change about DMA's communications strategy. She spoke with Target Marketing on Thursday afternoon before departing for the Saturday start of DMA2014 in San Diego

Direct Marketer of the Year: Dawn Zier
October 1, 2014

Dawn Zier is thriving in the frenzied pace of an Internet-ruled world for at least two reasons: Seemingly impossible challenges intrigue her, and she's chosen to live by her parents' words to "be the best that you can be." So far, that mentality is serving her and the company she heads well. Zier, the president and CEO of Fort Washington, Penn.-based weight loss meal plan provider Nutrisystem, is largely credited with turning the fortunes of her company around. Taking the position in November 2012, she inherited a company that had seen sales plummet 42 percent since 2008. Under her leadership, Nutrisystem added data-driven programs and is expecting soon to see "revenue growth for the first time in seven years," Zier says.

My Summer Reading List Includes Facts About Direct Mail
September 4, 2014

The "dog days" of summer are about to end, so I'd better wrap up my summer reading fast. Of course, my summer reading list really is my only opportunity to delve into those volumes of research that have been accumulating, that I've been meaning to get to, that I really should be on top of

James Thornton: A Splendid Life
July 8, 2014

I received this email about Jame Thornton's passing a couple of weeks ago from Anthony Green, which was truly sad news. Thornton was a brilliant genius, a serial entrepreneur and known to many as Mr. Direct Marketing SE Asia.