From the DMA: Mar-Tech Future Merges Data and Humanity
March 10, 2015

When it comes to the future of marketing analytics, research shows a great deal of growth is in store—the kind of growth that enables digital innovations and conveniences that seemed like science fiction not so long ago. IDC predicts the market for analytics and big data will reach $125 billion this year, while spending on cloud-based analytical solutions will grow three times faster than for on-premise solutions over the next five years.

State Tax Law Seems Unconstitutional? SCOTUS Says You Can Still Sue
March 5, 2015

E-commerce marketers were probably rejoicing on Wednesday about Tuesday's unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow federal cases relating to state tax laws to happen, because the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) sure was. The ability to sue in federal court about state tax laws that marketers think are unconstitutional was under threat by Colorado, which wanted to collect sales tax from its residents who buy online. The court ruled against Colorado.

Email Design 101
March 1, 2015

One of the biggest challenges email marketers face is finding a way to cut through the noise of everyday distractions and deliver a welcome and relevant message that connects with and activates the audience. While there's no magic formula for success, there are a few simple best practices that can help you win the attention game and ensure your messages are heard.

Fixing Mobile E-commerce So Shoppers Buy
January 22, 2015

Mobile shoppers just aren't happy yet with the mobile buying experience. Matthias Clock, the content marketing "chef" for eTail West 2015, believes he has the solution to the problem that IBM brightly highlights with its Holiday 2014 synopsis. About 45 percent of e-commerce traffic came from mobile devices, while mobile sales totaled 22.6 percent, IBM reports. The difference for smartphone users is even starker: While being 31.2 percent of e-commerce shoppers, smartphone users only converted there as 9.1 percent of all Web buyers.

Golden Nuggets: Advertising’s ‘Data’ Wave Has Arrived
January 19, 2015

When I look at the world of advertising, by way of my career path through the Direct Marketing Association and Harte Hanks and now with the Digital Advertising Alliance—I confess I've been a "direct response" snob by training. (As a PR guy, I tend to enjoy Kool-Aid.)

Postage Increases? Keep an Eye Out
January 14, 2015

On Monday, the Postal Regulatory Commission freed the U.S. Postal Service up to possibly raise rates on postage. Both the PRC and USPS used language in the PRC decision indicating an inflation-based postage increase may coincide with the expiration of an exigent rate increase. The exigent rate increase is designed to help the postal service recover after the Great Recession. On Tuesday, the Direct Marketing Association reacted with a statement emailed to Target Marketing.

Just Say No!
December 16, 2014

There is a great deal of information out there on how advertising and direct agencies can generate more new business. We're not going to talk about that today. Instead, we're going to talk about growing your business faster by saying no to a new client.

All Internet Sellers, Beware: States May Tax You
December 9, 2014

From marketers with millions or billions in annual revenue to the individual who finally decided to sell that "Casablanca" LaserDisc years after getting rid of the player, the case heard Monday by the Supreme Court of the United States may affect all of them. All states may ultimately force all marketers to collect sales tax. But what concerns the plaintiffs—the Direct Marketing Association—even more is that states may also force marketers to turn over information about the buyers, and states may have the right to do so without sellers being able to fight it in federal court. The court is expected to issue a ruling in DMA vs. Brohl by June 2015.

The Big Qs of 2015
December 1, 2014

Every year has its own challenges, trends and "Big Qs." But as we head into 2015, the kinds of topics we're hearing discussed by our readers and other marketers are changing. From the big conventions like ad:tech, DMA and Dreamforce, to social media and comments we're seeing on our articles, marketers seem to have put the recession questions of 2012 (the last time we did a Big Qs article) behind them.

After Dec. 8, Will SCOTUS Force E-commerce Sites to Collect State Sales Tax?
November 20, 2014

Right now, e-commerce marketers have to keep track of laws in 50 states and collect taxes—or not—accordingly. After Dec. 8, all that could change. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) says it's headed to court—the highest court in the land, to be precise—on that date in order to fight Colorado's law requiring "out-of-state merchants to turn over confidential purchase history information on their Colorado customers." Colorado's law is aimed at collecting its 2.9 percent sales tax from its residents on purchases they make from out-of-state e-commerce marketers.