Listen to Tyler Oakley: Dare to Be You
October 20, 2016 at 8:05 am

During this year’s &THEN event I got to see Tyler Oakley — one of my video inspirations — speak and explain the intimate connection

And Then What? DMA Reinvents the Annual
June 29, 2015 at 8:00 am

Almost a centenarian, the Direct Marketing Association is moving quickly to reinvent itself in the smart device age. In this century,

2% USPS Rate Hike Approved
May 11, 2015

Postage prices are increasing on May 31, USPS confirms on Friday. A 2 percent, almost across-the-board rise will happen on that day now that the Postal Regulatory Commission approves of hikes on all mail types. "Rate changes among the five major service classes are to include an average 1.949 percent increase for First Class mail, 1.926 percent increase for Standard Mail, 1.966 percent increase for Periodicals, and a 1.787 percent increase for Package Services," USPS tells Target Marketing on Friday. "Single-piece, one-ounce, stamped First Class Mail letters are set to remain at 49 cents, with Forever Stamps also frozen at 49 cents. Additional ounce rates for letters will rise by one cent to 22 [cents], with letters to all international destinations rising by 5 [cents] (4.3 percent) to $1.20, and postcard rates rising by a cent to 35 [cents]. Metered single-piece letters will see prices rise by half a cent (1.1 percent) to 46.5 [cents]."

Email Is the Most Popular Marketing Channel, DMA Reports
April 3, 2015

Out of seven possible marketing channel choices in an online survey, email marketing took the popularity throne with 82 percent of companies saying they use it, according to findings announced on Thursday by the Direct Marketing Association. DMA and Demand Metric Research Corp. polled marketers in December and January to research "DMA Response Rate Report 2015." What they found is most marketers now use more than one channel to reach businesses and consumers. The choices were: email, direct mail, paid search, Internet display ads, social media ads, "telephone" and mobile.

Opt-out Email Marketing Debuts in My Yahoo Search Results
March 26, 2015

I'm not complaining. I'll say that right away. However, I was a bit surprised on Tuesday to see a notification on the page above my search engine results about a package delivery slated for Wednesday, while I was searching for information that was completely unrelated. Before I could click on "Lyris," I found out that my "Excursion II Rolling Duffle Bag, Medium" from LLBean was on its way to my home.

6 More Thorny Data Problems That Vex B-to-B Marketers, and How to Solve Them
March 20, 2015

B-to-B data continues to challenge marketers, who need to identify and communicate with customers and prospects, but who run into thorny issues every day. Problems range from duplicates, to key-entry errors, to missing data elements, and beyond. Recently, Bernice Grossman and I worked with a group of savvy B-to-B marketers at a DMA conference to compile a list of difficult data problems. Here are six that will bring tears to your eyes—but don't worry, we also offer some solutions.

From the DMA: Customer-Centricity Drives Effective Data Use
March 12, 2015

Data analytics is hot-and getting hotter. LinkedIn recently published its 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2014—and topping that list was "statistical analysis and data mining." Research bears out this trend, with the predictive analytics market forecasted to reach $5.2 to $6.5 billion by 2018/2019, according to MarketsandMarkets and Transparency Market Research. During the final keynote of DMA's 2015 Marketing Analytics Conference this afternoon, LinkedIn's Head of Marketing Products Russell Glass evangelized the power of data—but cautioned that customer-centricity is the key to using that data effectively.