Direct Communications

How I Beat the Control: The Bedwetting Store Gains Control
June 1, 2005

By Pam Linwood Getting the attention of physicians and their office managers is tricky business. So how could we help the Bedwetting Store (BWS) maintain control of its market and cut through physician-office mail clutter to reach the physicians who ultimately make the "golden" referral to their patients? Talk about a tough channel fraught with potential hurdles! This small cottage business, which sells non-pharmaceutical products (like alarms, waterproof bedding and books) that address the problem of nighttime bedwetting (also known as nocturnal enuresis), was started by Renee Mercer, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, and her husband. Over the years, it had grown to such

Make the Most of Market Research
November 1, 2004

By Tracy A. Gill From list selection and price points to offer and creative, market research can have a strong influence on just about every aspect of a direct mail campaign. "It's kind of like the old 40-40-20 method. We find that about half of the effectiveness of marketing research goes into list selection," says Alan Weber, president of Marketing Analytics Group, a direct marketing consultancy based in Cleveland, Mo., "and the other half can be realized by making better offers and more appropriate creative to those segments." Whether the data is scientifically generated or anecdotally shared, it can give you the creative