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British Business Boneheadedness
November 27, 2007

Paris has Venus De Milo; Florence has Michelangelo’s David; New York has the Statue of Liberty; Copenhagen has the Little Mermaid; Brussels has Manneken Pis—a fat naked little boy proudly relieving himself in a fountain. Now London is going Brussels one better by placing giant billboards throughout Belgium—in Antwerp, Brussels, Liege and Ghent. The image is a grown male skinhead in jeans—with a big red cross painted on his bare back—creating a great arching stream as he proudly relieves himself into a teacup atop a small, round Hepplewhite table a few feet away. The purpose of the billboards is to promote Eurostar’s new

December 1, 2003

By Denny Hatch I've been an American Express Cardmember since 1964. As a company that has been in business for a long time, you would think it would have business on the Internet aced. Think again. I lost my American Express platinum card (for which I pay $300 a year) and wanted to report it. I went on Google and searched both "American Express Platinum Card" and "American Express," and went through screen after screen looking for how to report a lost card. Finally I found an 800 number to report a lost card and dialed it. The recorded message: "You have

The Ascendancy of Bean Counters
April 1, 2003

By Denny Hatch In the first week of February, I received a cheap double postcard from First Union Bank addressed to Denny Hatch Associates, Inc. The message: NOTICE OF OVERDRAWN ACCOUNT Our records as of 01/24/2003 show an overdraft of $5.00 remains on your account 2********4903. Please make a deposit right away to avoid possible collection activity and account closing. You can obtain statement information at most First Union ATMs, or contact your financial center, Commercial Relationships Manager or Private Client Group officer. I freaked out and checked Quicken. We had plenty of money in the corporate, personal and savings accounts at First

On Fear of Flying, Terrorism, American Biz & LISTS (962 words)
November 13, 2001

by Denny Hatch I took the train to Chicago and back for the DMA Conference. No, I am not afraid to fly. This is certainly the safest time to fly -- probably in my lifetime. Security is at an all time high and 20 percent less planes are in the sky, which means the air traffic controllers are really in control. No, I opted for the train for two reasons: time and self-esteem. Let's start with time. Given the current panic and paranoia, if you are advised to be at the airport three hours in advance, arrive at the wrong time and you stand