5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Not Fun Anymore
September 19, 2011

Social media has always had a credibility gap as a business marketing tool, they were created for fun but are now being used to market billion dollar brands. It wants to be taken seriously as a grown up marketing medium but that is difficult when the CEO knows that Facebook started as a social platform to connect with your classmates at college. ... Despite the fun foundations of some of the largest global social networks, business are discovering and are using social media’s power.

15 Case Studies to Get Your Client On Board With Social Media
August 30, 2011

In business, definitions are everywhere. They’re your first line of defense in mission statements, job descriptions, expense accounts, statements of work, accounting principles and the like. If you fail to define the parameters and jurisdiction of a tool or concept, you’ll be left with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s famous but ultimately vague application: “I know it when I see it.”

More Advertisers Adopt Stricter Codes Around Digital Privacy
June 8, 2011

The ad industry's push to adopt more stringent codes around how it targets advertising to people online has been gaining wider acceptance. A coalition of trade groups announced today that 100 companies have agreed to comply with a program to self-regulate their digital tracking practices. 

6 People Vital for a Smart Digital Strategy
June 1, 2011

Businesses of all kinds are seeing their relationships with customers transformed by new digital technologies and behaviors. Companies that used to sell to end consumers solely via retail channels, suddenly find themselves selling directly via their websites and mobile apps. Businesses that used to communicate only by billboards, direct mail, and radio spots, now find their customers communicating back to them via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The Difference a Company’s Size Makes in Social Media
May 31, 2011

Maybe the size of a company has never been pondered by the employees or consultants who are managing their social media campaigns. However, whether or not a company is considered a small business or a big company can make a significant difference in overall strategy, timeliness, and overall presence on social networks like Facebook, FourSquare, and Twitter.

Alinean Introduces Social Media ROI Calculator
January 18, 2011

"In today's 'age of austerity' every significant investment requires proof of bottom-line impact — a condition called Frugalnomics," said Tom Pisello Alinean research measured the engagement levels and derived value of Fortune 500, and select mid/small company social media campaigns. This research revealed that the ROI can be calculated through the Social Media Value Chain, a method for quantifying the costs, benefits and bottom-line value, including: The Social Media Value Chain research and key findings were embodied in a Social Media ROI Calculator to help marketers model the level-of-engagement and derive the investment requirements, benefits and ROI.

Amazon, Best Buy, "Like" the Way on Social Media
November 3, 2010

What brands are leading the way in developing commerce initiatives around social media? Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, Hallmark and Starbucks were the companies cited most often in a survey of executives involved in social strategy at 123 large companies by digital consulting firm Altimeter Group.

What to Consider When Building an In-House Social Media Team
November 2, 2010

 Building any kind of team is a challenge, but pulling together the people who are going to represent your company in the social media arena is a particularly tricky task. What is the ultimate purpose of your social media team? Do you hire experts from outside the company or utilize existing employees? What do you

A Creative Study in Freshening Crowdsourced Ideas
November 1, 2010

In the study "Crowdsourcing and Individual Creativity Over Time: The Detrimental Effects of Past Success," Barry L. Bayus delves into one of the main ways organizations are getting social with consumers.

Brand Advertising: Bust or Boost?
October 28, 2010

Recently I was presenting at the DMA 2010 conference in San Francisco, picking on a few poorly written brand ads and direct mail pieces when an attendee took issue with my critique of a high-end premium brand's effort.