Pre-Research: A Case History
April 28, 2015

No matter what your profession, if you have an extensive file of retrievable, cutting-edge information that directly relates to your business and industry, you can lace your memos, emails, letters, reports, advertising copy, speeches, PowerPoint presentations and whitepapers with tidbits, factoids and statistics. This shows readers you know a lot, are on top of your job and are a force in your industry.

5 Google Trends Searches Retailers Need to Know
March 13, 2015

Google Trends is a particularly fascinating tool in that it appears to offer clearly defined, actionable information surrounding the key variables of the known search-o-sphere. In an age when Google is in control of much of the world's key business information, Google Trends is in a league of its own for the caliber of information it offers. To demonstrate that, consider the following five Google Trends searches, all designed to tell retailers everything they need to know about the customer mind-set:

Dell Uses Data to Improve Social ROI
February 1, 2015

No one has to convince Dell's C-suite that social media marketing matters. Michael Dell himself—chairman and CEO of Dell and the man behind @MichaelDell—started using SMM in 2006. That meant that a couple years ago, when the social media analytics group made an interesting discovery, rollout of a new social media marketing program wasn't far behind.

Denny's Zinger: If Michael Dell Owned Cunard...
December 5, 2014

So we've made it through Thanksgiving weekend, 2014. And you'd believe the newspaper business was healthy! My recycling bucket of newsprint and assorted fliers touting "Black Friday" would have challenged Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead, the task of getting it onto the sidewalk fell to me. Umph.

Advertisers 'Go Native.' Great!
May 1, 2014

The definition of the term "go native" from the Urban Dictionary is as follows: Used humorously, to go native means to take on some (or all) of the culture traits of the people around you, often said of people who go to foreign countries or far away cities. These traits may include dress, language, accent, etiquette, religion, etc.