Datran Media

Datran Media Reports Significant ROI Utilizing StormPost's Testing Solution
May 20, 2011

Datran Media announced an average 40 percent lift in opens and 106 percent lift in clicks across client campaigns leveraging the most recent version of its A/B split auto-optimization solution, a feature built into the company's email marketing platform, StormPost. The latest version of StormPost's first-to-market A/B split solution allows marketers to achieve greater campaign optimization through the inclusion of automated share-to-social testing and optimization. The feature is in use by dozens of clients, including Demand Media and Vault.

Email and SMS: Driving Synergies Through Integrated Programs
April 28, 2011

The digital landscape has evolved rapidly over the past several years, affording strategic marketers a wealth of opportunities to communicate with customers and prospects in new and exciting ways. Mobile marketing channels now have significant scale and reach, with 91 percent of all U.S. residents using mobile phones daily. In many global markets, handheld devices and smartphones are even more ubiquitous.

Online Audience Measurement: Don't Just Measure - Discover
April 14, 2010

As digital marketing enters a new decade, the need for reliable methods of online audience measurement is more prevalent than ever. While advancements in technology have created new forms of digital media, traditional audience measurement systems have failed to keep pace with changes in consumer behavior.

eView: A Case for Applying Analytics to Targeting
November 12, 2009

A few years ago, I purchased a diamond necklace for my mother’s birthday. Ever since making the purchase on a retailer’s website, I’ve received several marketing messages from the company encouraging me to purchase more jewelry.

Get More Multichannel Muscle
November 1, 2009

Direct marketers are a resilient bunch. Since the dawn of the internet, experts have been predicting the demise of direct mail. But like a comic book superhero, direct marketing is hard to kill. Nevertheless, the industry constantly faces an uphill battle for respect. Just a couple of months ago, a new report was published that calculated a quick death for direct mail at the hands of the merciless internet.

Editor's Notebook: The Rules Have Changed
July 1, 2009

There's no use denying it: The universe of active direct mail consumers has shrunk. Sure, there's less direct mail and decreased response rates this year because of the current economy, but even if the economy rights itself fully in next year or two, few direct marketing experts expect it to ever return to the days of yore when direct mail was the preferred response channel.

5 Ways to Get Your Website Up to Speed
July 1, 2009

Websites used to be an accessory for most direct mailers, functioning almost like electronic brochures. Sometimes they looked good, but they didn't have a lot to say and most fell well short of what should have been the ultimate goal-sell a product, get a donation and further the customer/donor relationship.