MDM: Big Data-Slayer
May 9, 2012

There's quite a bit of talk about Big Data these days across the Web … it's the meme that just won't quit. The reasons why are pretty obvious. Besides a catchy name, Big Data is a real issue faced by virtually every firm in business today. But what's frequently lost in the shuffle is the fact that Big Data is the problem, not the solution. Big Data is what marketers are facing—mountains of unstructured data accumulating on servers and in stacks, across various SaaS tools, in spreadsheets and everywhere else you look in the firm and on the cloud.

Technology Roundup: List Hygiene Solutions
May 1, 2005

By Hallie Mummert Mail that is undeliverable as addressed, called UAA, amounts to close to 6 billion pieces of mail annually that have to be redirected, either to the correct address, back to the mailer or into a recycling bin. The U.S. Postal Service estimates that it spends in excess of $1.9 billion annually to process mail that is incorrectly addressed. To stem some of the blood loss, the USPS put mailers on notice in 2003: Those companies claiming automation or presort rates on First Class mail are required to use an approved address change correction tool—such as Move Update or NCOA—no earlier than

Database Makeovers
July 1, 2004

Five companies turn data dilemmas into marketing solutions Too often, companies think of their databases as … databases: collections of names and numbers, of dates and dollar amounts. And technically, that’s what they are. But if you think of your database as just names and numbers, that’s all you’ll get out of it. Your data is your record of customer interaction; as such, it is your most valuable commodity. Like the story of the jeweler who locked up his customer list—not his diamonds—in his safe each night, marketers must revere their databases. The sad fact, however, is that much data is in disarray.