Customer Acquisition Chain Link 2: Print to Online
March 30, 2012

For this customer acquisition chain analysis, we looked at seven randomly chosen direct response ads in recent editions of TV Guide, Woman's Day and Popular Mechanics. Most of these advertisers spent big bucks for these ads. Because anywhere from 25 percent to 75 percent of responses to advertising take place online, checking the integrity of the consumer experience going from a print ad to a website made a lot of sense to us.

Lillian Vernon, Sharper Image Crash. Why?
February 25, 2008

The king of high-end tchotchkes (Richard Thalheimer, former CEO and chairman of The Sharper Image) and queen of low-end tchotchkes (Lillian Vernon) have been dethroned. Lillian Vernon and Sharper Image—two iconic catalogs—were known to have been struggling in recent years. Their bankruptcies were expected. That they were announced on the same day is astonishing. How could this happen? Both Vernon and Thalheimer launched businesses without paying their dues. Ultimately, neither of them knew what the hell they were doing. Lillian Vernon’s Story In 1933, Lillian Katz’s family fled the Nazis. They left Leipzig, Germany, for Amsterdam, and four years later were lucky enough to

Special Report: Hispanic Marketing
May 1, 2007

More than 41 million Hispanics call the United States home, and a little more than half of these consumers go online. Despite the clear opportunity in marketing to Hispanics online, only about $150 million of the $16 billion total online advertising spend is dedicated to targeting Latinos, says Lee Vann, founder of Captura Group. This is surprising, considering research from Yahoo! Telemundo and Experian Simmons Research shows two-thirds of online Hispanics have been using online channels for more than five years. William Fleming, CEO, MotionPoint, agrees that online marketing has lagged behind its offline counterparts in service to Hispanics. “People are used to walking into

The Language of Service and Sales
May 1, 2007

In 1995, consumer electronics marketer Crutchfield was one of the first companies to staff its in-house call center with Spanish-speaking service representatives, which it calls sales advisors. A decade later, it became one of the first wave of e-tailers to develop a Spanish-language Web site, upholding its brand promise to deliver exceptional service to its entire customer base. As would be expected, the impetus for the launch of a Spanish-language version of the Crutchfield site was the firm’s Hispanic customer base. Sale advisors noted a growing number of Spanish-speaking callers who wanted to research and purchase products online, but faced a language barrier with Crutchfield’s

TM0203_Cover/Seven Database Analysis
February 1, 2003

By Lisa Yorgey Lester Analyze this! Your housefile is your greatest asset. This treasure trove of customer data can be analyzed, enhanced and massaged to better help you understand your customers, and in doing so, better target your audience. Here are seven ways three direct marketers are getting more mileage from their prospecting efforts by working their housefiles. #1 Refine your target audience. Rather than mail an entire prospect file, or a portion based on a random selection, Interline Brands, a distributor of maintenance and repair products, looks at where it was successful geographically, and then selects prospect names based on its findings. It