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Say Thank You!
May 1, 2008

When I was running this magazine, readers would call or write me for advice. One of the most irritating questions was: “What is the optimum number of times in a year to contact my customers?” My answer: “When you have something to say and something to offer. Otherwise, leave them alone.”

The Web Site That May Change History
April 3, 2007

It is high season for politicians scrambling for dollars. The Hillary Clinton juggernaut continues apace with a record $26 million in the till in the first quarter of 2007—over three times what any other candidate has ever raised at this point. Meanwhile, America is looking at the strangest election in history. By the end of January 2008, two states will have held their nominating caucuses for president and vice president (Iowa and Nevada) and two more states—New Hampshire and South Carolina—will have held their primaries. On Feb. 5, 2008, an estimated 21 additional states will hold primary elections including such behemoths as California, New

Making the News Work for You
September 12, 2006

That a passenger went ballistic after waiting an hour-and-a-half for his luggage and wound up in police custody was unfortunate, but not surprising. Much is happening in the world to give us all angst—tight security and long lines at airports, the high price of oil and natural disasters. All can interrupt the normal patterns of our lives. Marketers have two choices: (1) Business as usual or (2) use news to enhance your business by scoring Brownie points with your customers and prospects (and perhaps making extra sales). This is old-fashioned PR, salesmanship and customer retention management. Savvy Hotel and Rental-car Marketers Last month when arrests were make in the

Straight Talk: Direct Mail's Not-Too-Distant Future
October 1, 2004

With Paul Barbagallo To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Inside Direct Mail, I asked industry experts to shed some light on the trends of today that will have the most impact on direct mail in the next 20 years and beyond. "The shift of purchasing onto the Internet. On one hand, it will produce added direct mail volume as Web sites continue to discover that it's a great tool to increase repeat visits from existing customers. And postal mailers will also continue to find more ways to use Web-acquired postal addresses profitably, leading to more mailable names. But at the