Gamification Set to Take Workforce Management to the Next Level
October 14, 2013

There's no question that gamification has real value in the workforce management world. If incorporated properly by experienced professionals who understand the benefits engagement, it can easily and cost effectively transform a workforce. This will have a dramatic impact on customer experience and, in turn, have an equally positive impact on revenue and profit margins. 

NCDM Panel Explores Threats to the Data-Driven Way of Life
December 10, 2012

At the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) NCDM Conference in Orlando, Florida, Linda A. Woolley, DMA’s acting president and CEO, led a panel of experts in a discussion of the current threats to the responsible collection of consumer data. Panelists included Tony Hadley, senior vice president of government affairs and public policy, Experian; Susan Fox, vice president, government relations, The Walt Disney Company; and Brooks Dobbs, CPO, KBM Group. Woolley emphasized the many benefits that consumers derive from the responsible use of Big Data. Consumers, she noted, have come to expect the ease, flexibility and efficiency it brings.

Marketfish Conversion Tracker Provides Real-Time Analysis of Campaign Effectiveness
June 29, 2012

Company: Marketfish, a lead-generation platform
Product/Service: Marketfish Conversion Tracker
What it Does: Allows digital marketers to analyze a campaign's success by tracking the cost-per-click and cost-per-open metrics in addtion to the open and clickthrough rates. These tracking capabilites combined with a ROI caluculator help retailers to determine a campaign's success in a more effective way.  

A Formula for a Successful DRTV Campaign
April 18, 2007

Unlike traditional advertising, the execution of a successful DRTV campaign is more like science than art. The first and most important component of a successful DRTV campaign is choosing the right agency. The agency you work with needs to have deep-rooted experience in order to deliver accountability to your marketing budget. Consider the following questions when choosing a DRTV agency: • Does the agency have a history of success on TV? • What is the agency’s experience in my category/vertical? • Does the agency have the buying power to negotiate the cost savings I need, and can it subsequently deliver improved ROI or reduced acquisition cost? •

Respect Privacy to Add Profitability
November 1, 2006

Corporate marketing and privacy departments often find themselves at odds, according to a new study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, a privacy and information management research firm based in Elk Rapids, Mich. This despite solid evidence that privacy-conscious marketing strategies engender brand trust and are highly favored by consumers. Mike Spinney, the Ponemon Institute’s communications director, says that marketers may not be aware of how strongly consumers associate brand perception with trust and privacy issues. “Everyone, I think, understands the importance of customer goodwill,” says Spinney, “but in marketing departments, the chief privacy officer, or CPO, is still referred to as the customer prevention officer. Everyone

Target Marketing’s Direct Marketing Glossary
October 10, 2006

/M: Per thousand. /MM: Per million. AA: Authors alterations, i.e., changes other than corrections made by a client after the proofing process has begun. AOV (average order value): The average amount of each customer order. Abandoned Call: When a caller hangs up before his or her call is answered by an agent. Above the Fold: The part of an e-mail message or Web page that’s visible without scrolling. Absorbency: The capacity a paper has for accepting liquids, like the inks or water used to run offset lithographic presses. Accordion Fold: Parallel folds that opens like an accordion. Acid-free Paper: Paper manufactured on a machine with the wet-end chemistry controlled to a neutral

Special Report Insert Media Buying Guide
September 1, 2005

If location is any measure of success, that this year's Insert Day will be held in the Big Apple suggests that insert media as a sector is gaining more visibility. And nothing fosters success like more success. According to research conducted by Leon Henry Inc., about 60 new insert programs entered the market in the first six months of 2005. Given that Media Horizons puts the number of programs with annual circulations of 500,000 or more at 650, this growth spurt is a promising sign for a prospecting channel that used to be considered "alternate." And yet it's hard to define the size

Do's & Don'ts in the Privacy Era
November 1, 2003

By Donna Loyle The rise of targeted marketing principles and the implementation of efficient data-collection and -sharing practices has been one of the driving forces of the American economy for the last several decades. Of that, no one is in dispute—not even government officials. But the migration from mass marketing to direct marketing also has a down side. Some consumers, tired of having targeted offers thrust at them from all angles, are experiencing marketing fatigue. And they're starting to say: "Enough already!" Add to the mix the alarming rise in identity theft, computer-clogging spam and telemarketing, and you

If the Media's Walls Could Talk Here's what they'd say about buying ad space
October 1, 2003

By Paul Barbagallo Buying media for direct response advertising campaigns can be either painfully complex or amazingly simple. Decisions almost always depend on one element: arithmetic. Once a buyer knows the selling price of the product or service and the allowable cost per order (CPO), they then can determine how much a client can afford to pay for every thousand impressions in the marketplace. Sheri Rothblatt, managing partner at Wunderman Media, explains that the weight you put in the market also depends on a client's seasonality, business trends and when the client needs the lead or sale. "When we're planning from a

Software Knowing When to Upgrade
April 1, 2003

By Alicia Orr Suman How do you know when it's time to upgrade your fulfillment software? Of course, looking at the number of orders processed by your distribution center is the first consideration. But it's a more complicated issue than that. Expansion into new markets or new business channels such as the Web also may necessitate a more sophisticated software system. Then there are other factors specific to your business to consider. To determine whether you should pursue a software upgrade, first take a look at your operation's current business processes. As a mailer that recently went through a software upgrade, Daryle Scott, president