Continental Airlines

Direct, Data and Brand United
April 1, 2013

It's a dream that United Airline's loyalty program can make real, says the message on the poster that's whiter than the clouds: "MileagePlus ranks No. 1 in award seat availability among U.S. global carriers." But what's unusual about this poster is there's no overt call to action, no trackable URL—nothing but the brand message. This is unusual because before summer 2010, when brand entered into the marketing mix, MileagePlus was purely direct marketed, says Mark Krolick, managing director of MileagePlus at Chicago-based United Airlines.

Hal Brierley and Marjorie Kalter 2012 DMA Hall of Fame Inductees
September 27, 2012

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) announced Hal Brierley, executive chairman, Brierley+Partners, Inc.—and Marjorie Kalter, professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, teaching social media and brand management—will be the 2012 DMA Hall of Fame recipients. Both Brierley and Kalter will be inducted into DMA's Hall of Fame on Tuesday, Oct. 16, during the DMA2012 Conference & Exhibition, the Global Event for Real-Time Marketers, taking place Oct. 13-18 in Las Vegas.

Go Multichannel Like Disney
September 1, 2010

OK, so your multichannel marketing includes direct mail and coordinating that with your e-mail efforts and your website. Great. But are you also integrating telemarketing? And very precisely coordinating all of these efforts?

How Safeway Built Loyalty?Especially among second-tier customer
March 1, 1999

By Arthur Middleton Hughes While the best-known loyalty programs are airline frequent-flier plans—many of which have worked extremely well—companies in other industries are having successes, too. This is the story of the Safeway Savings Club built by PreVision Marketing in Concord, MA. by Arthur Middleton Hughes Safeway is the third-largest grocer in the United States. Before it started the club, all of its stores were equipped with POS terminals that would accept a barcoded membership card along with the product scan, and permit the computation of member benefits on each product during the transaction. Although Safeway had a points program in mind,