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Another Tool in a Marketer's Response Kit
February 1, 2002

Merging Offline Tactics With Online Methods Makes For Better One-to-One Campaigns By Matt Graham E-fulfillment, an electronic response to a direct marketing request, can be an important part of a company's overall one-to-one marketing strategy. In the right situation, and to the right customer, it can offer several advantages. The marketer who employs a blend of "e" and traditional, or land-based fulfillment, will likely realize the most potential from their marketing campaigns. The three biggest advantages of e-fulfillment are: • Speed—You reach targets quickly. • Cost effectiveness—In some instances, it's less expensive to reach the customer. • Control/customization—It provides the capability to

Tips On Avoiding Fulfillment Disasters (1,083 words)
April 1, 2000

Fulfillment has many faces in the direct marketing industry. Not only do we use this broad term to cover what probably first comes to mind—product fulfillment— we also lump in subscription fulfillment, literature and promotional fulfillment, direct mail fulfillment and Internet fulfillment. The single unifying factor all these faces of fulfillment share is that they must fulfill a request, inquiry or order coming in from a customer or prospect. Somebody wants something you have and you have to figure out how to get it to him. Plus, and this is increasingly important in the "click-to" era we've entered, the response must be handled