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Affiliate Marketing 101: Turning Visitors into Paying Customers
March 5, 2015

This is part four of my multipart Affiliate Marketing 101 series. Part one explained the different types of affiliate websites you can choose to support your online affiliate business and how to set up those websites; part two elaborated on how to set up the foundation for displaying your site on search engine result pages (SERPs); and part three discussed how to handle traffic once it arrives at your site.

Choosing an Affiliate Network for Your Business
February 5, 2013

When's the last time you went shopping around for a new affiliate network? Everyone's heard of the big networks like Commission Junction, LinkShare, Google Affiliate Network, etc., but what about the others? Without searching too hard, you can find hundreds of different affiliate networks on the web, with new ones popping up daily. CPA (cost per acquisition), CPL (cost per lead), CPS (cost per sale), CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) — it all can become very confusing quite quickly.

6 Insider Secrets to a Winning Affiliate Marketing Program
October 22, 2012

Affiliate marketing has been a viable way to help build ancillary revenues by having someone else market your products. It's generally cost effective and could involve little work. You can go about this through affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction or LinkShare, or simply start an affiliate program on your website and track sales and commissions with affiliate software, such as DirectTrack. Software costs could range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars … depending on how robust you'd like your features.

Affiliate Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know From 4 Experts
September 17, 2012

Affiliate Marketing, also known as performance marketing, gets a bad rap from many marketers. Why? When you say affiliate marketing, marketers envision someone in his pajamas sitting in front of his computer. The reality is that, for most successful affiliate marketers, nothing could be further from the truth. These performance marketers are laser focused on building revenue streams and are experts at search optimization, social media, email and conversion. The secret of affiliate marketing is so basic that it’s surprising that marketers don’t get it.

13 Things You Must Do This Year To Boost Your Biz! Part One
January 16, 2012

OK, so 2011 was a tough year for a lot of business owners. Perhaps you got caught in the maelstrom of economic uncertainty and your business paid the price. Maybe you neglected your business by cutting down or eliminating marketing efforts. Or maybe you got duped by so-called "online gurus" who promise the world with their wonder products, all to fall short of their promises.

6 Affiliate Marketing Best Practices
June 10, 2010

Affiliate marketing has become more complex over the last few years, thanks in part to social networking sites being increasingly identified as affiliate marketing sites. What's more, affiliate marketing, display, search and other types of online marketing are merging, making it difficult to attribute which channels work and which don't. As a result, it behooves retailers to change their approaches to affiliate marketing and be aware of further changes coming.

Special Report Affiliate Marketing
October 1, 2005

Although it's had its share of problems over the past few years—such as incidents of click fraud and spamming issues—affiliate marketing is fast becoming a key part of many e-commerce businesses. According to JupiterResearch's report, Affiliate Marketing Developing a Solid Affiliate Base, when asked about their affiliate programs, 78 percent of merchants with affiliate programs grew those programs in 2004, and 38 percent grew them by as much as 25 percent or more. Furthermore, last year, nearly all of these merchants had at least one dedicated, full-time employee managing their affiliate programs, and only one in 10 merchants who have an affiliate program

E-commerce Link: Make Your SEM Click
September 1, 2004

Six tactics to improve your pay-per-click search engine marketing program It is no secret that search engine marketing (SEM) can be an effective online marketing tool. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy practice to master. Here are six proven tactics to help you increase your ROI from pay-per-click search engine marketing. Choose Your Weapon Before you begin, you must decide on a plan of attack. Determine which keyword selection strategy will help you hit your SEM goals: • the shotgun, • the laser or • a hybrid? Practitioners of the shotgun approach start their SEM campaign with a wide variety of keywords

Ad It Up: The skinny on banners and pop-up ads
October 1, 2003

By Brian Howard Internet advertising works. No, really. Yes, it's taken a few years to actually figure out how to make it work. Not surprisingly, the build-it-and-the-money-will-come model worked about as well for advertisers as it did for dot-coms. But when done with an eye toward return on investment and with a specific goal in mind, advertising on the Internet is not the money pit it's been painted as in the post-bubble world. There are many questions to ask before you undertake an online campaign. Will you employ an in-page unit, a pop-up or a pop-under? What sites, or publishers,