JensonUSA Plays Matchmaker to Boost Sales
October 1, 2005

Problem: Bike equipment retailer JensonUSA's sales were slipping. Solution: Implement a "pricematch" feature on the Web site to dynamically match competitors' advertised prices. Results: Sales are back up to 2004's levels. After 12 years in business, bike parts and accessories retailer JensonUSA has grown into a $10-million-a-year business with 20 employees, a retail location, a catalog and a thriving e-commerce site. However, as a provider of products that aren't exclusive to JensonUSA, there's always competition to look out for. And by the beginning of 2005, the Ontario, Calif.-based retailer found its sales were off by 18 percent, with key revenues down 50 percent. Staying

Back-end Integration
September 1, 2002

Multichannel commerce poses new systems-integration challenges By Ernie Schell It wasn't long ago that most directcommerce companies were catalog businesses, with orders coming in by mail and phone. These orders were entered into a comprehensive catalog management system that handled customers, inventory and orders. Fulfillment was driven by the catalog management application. While this paradigm still applies in some facilities, it's more complicated for most of today's direct-commerce businesses. E-commerce Web sites are the primary source of complication. Kiosks in retail stores are another. A growing number of companies have found that a warehouse management system (WMS) is more effective in handling fulfillment

The Mark Group-A 50-Year Legacy of Service (1,709 words)
November 1, 2000

Look inside the front cover of The Mark Group's original catalog, Mark, Fore & Strike, and you are very likely to see a 1950s photograph that represents the company's founding belief: The lifetime value of each customer is more important than a single sale. Behind that photo is a story, one that shows just how strongly the company believes in customer service. The photo is of the late J. William Tiernan, president and owner of Mark, Fore & Strike until his death in 1973, and was taken by a store manager as Tiernan arrived at a Naples, FL, airfield with a dress for