What Is 'Omnichannel'? And Is It Different From 'Multichannel'?
April 22, 2013

This is the year of "omnichannel" based on the amount of occurrences that I've heard this term. I've never been a fan of jargon—but I sure use it enough in some of my clients' communications, often at their request. When I comply, I usually advise that a short explanation may be in order upon first reference to help define whatever the term is and to set a marketplace expectation. So what does "omnichannel" mean to me?

5 Signs Your Marketing Isn’t Integrated
March 5, 2013

Integrated marketing is hard. Every single marketing touchpoint should be working together. Executed well, it is a great example of 1 + 1 + 1 = 5. However, integrated marketing isn’t an exact science, there is not a simple litmus test that tells you if your marketing is integrated. Often it is easier to spot the signs your marketing is not integrated. So with that, here are five signs that your marketing is not integrated. 1. Your landing pages don’t fit

Where Marketing Automation is Heading: SiriusDecisions Weighs In
October 31, 2012

As we talked to marketing automation experts to prepare our recent white paper "52 Secrets to Marketing Automation Success," we saw an outpouring of fascinating predictions and analyses of the industry. Some discussions were simply too good not to share in full. Case in point, Jonathan Block and Jay Famico of SiriusDecisions prepared an extensive amount of research, all very enlightening about the future of the industry. When asked to provide their predictions on what will impact Marketing Automation in the next twelve months, Jonathan and Jay offered the following landscape evaluation

Why Are Marketers So Behind on Mobile?
October 25, 2012

The CMO Council found that a lack of mobile-savvy resources and talent were holding back most of the marketers who felt that they were behind the mobile marketing curve. I'd be surprised if most of you weren't in the same boat. Besides, budgets only stretch so far and adding one more channel (especially now that everyone's supposed to be doing the "social" thing) often isn't an option. But maybe it doesn't have to be. Ever since mobile devices capable of accessing the Web hit the market back in the late '90s, maintaining a mobile presence online has been a major

Headlines for People and for SEO
October 19, 2012

Print journalism has a proud tradition of clever headlines—puns and other devices that grab a reader's attention. But the harsh realities of search engine optimization (SEO) have dampened online wordplay wit. And dry headlines describing the content of articles and blog posts have become the website norm. But that doesn't have to be the case. Whether you use WordPress for your blog or website, or you rely on some other content management system (CMS), you can have both your clever headline and your SEO, according to Roger Dooley. How? With keyword-optimized page titles.

The Smart Hotelier’s Guide to 2013 Digital Marketing Budget Planning
August 2, 2012

This article provides guidance on how to structure your budget in 2013. Next year’s digital marketing budget should focus on driving direct online bookings and achieving serious ROIs via structuring your initiatives in three main categories: “Core” digital marketing initiatives; “Business-Need” digital marketing initiatives; and capital investments, strategy and operations, including website redesigns and enhancements, day-to-day website operations, campaign management and professional development.

Preparing Your Marketing Budget for 2012
December 8, 2011

A major issue that’s top of mind right now for a lot of retail marketing professionals is how to predict their budget for 2012. Determining what technology will be affordable is challenging. According to a recent study by Digital Asset Management News, 68 percent of marketers say that up to 30 percent of their marketing budget is wasted because they have poor information on their digital assets.

5 Content Management CMS Tips for Large Enterprises
October 10, 2011

Some of the challenges of working with large enterprises revolve around the complexity of how the company is internally organized. For instance, many large enterprise are comprised of several different departments that may or may not have existing relationships. In such circumstances, our roles as SEOs become more complicated as our task as SEOs oftentimes becomes that of a project manager, while we simultaneously develop strategies on how to implement strong internal processes that are ideally somewhat automated.

Optimizing the Mobile Media Matrix
May 13, 2011

Mobile is introducing greater complexity than marketers have seen, faster than they are ready to handle it. While the “mobile media matrix” is not as sinister as the matrix of film legend, I predict it will become a disruptive enemy of businesses that do not choose to be its friend.

SEO-Friendly CMS
May 13, 2010

Company: Captiva Marketing, a web design and search engine marketing firm

Product/Service: Empoweren SEO-friendly CMS

What It Does: Incorporates important features like customizable SEO fields, search engine friendly file names, a spider friendly menu system and auto generated site maps and breadcrumbs. It also integrates easily with Google Analytics and the Forms Manager has fields to apply CPC conversion tracking codes with no assistance from a programmer.