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Market Focus: Amateur Woodworkers
April 4, 2006

Nailing Down a Niche Thinking small can generate big results. At least, that’s what some marketers are finding when it comes to the woodworking hobbyist market in the United States. A survey conducted by National Family Opinion on behalf of Wood magazine found that approximately 5.5 million Americans actively participate in woodworking as a hobby, says Mark Hagen, the magazine’s publisher. That’s a relatively minute segment of the population but, in the case of woodworkers, it’s not the market size that counts—it’s the demographics. The typical amateur woodworker is male, 50 to 55 years old, educated, married and a homeowner, says Lawanna

Sell 'Em Lock, Stock and Barrel
September 1, 2005

Sell 'Em Lock, Stock and Barrel By Lisa Yorgey Lester Hunting is an American tradition shared by the young and old, rich and poor. It has no geographic boundaries and crosses all racial and ethnic groups, according to Economic Importance of Hunting in America, a 2001 report conducted on behalf of the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA). Demographics, however, do point to a decidedly male market. Of the more than 15 million active hunting participants in the United States, 88.2 percent are male. While hunters come from all walks of life, their demographics might vary slightly according to the type of

Market Focus Yoga Enthusiasts
August 1, 2005

Stretch Into a Healthy Market By Irene Cherkassky Americans are concerned with their health more than ever before. Not only are we struggling with the battle with bulge, but we're also trying to improve the overall quality of our daily lives. It's not surprising then that the practice of yoga, as a form of exercise and as a way to achieve well-being, steadily has gained popularity, particularly within the past decade. Yoga's Reach The number of yoga practitioners is growing by leaps and bounds. According to Yoga in America, a February 2005 study conducted by Yoga Journal, a consumer magazine serving yoga