Cingular Wireless

Trashing a Brand?Smart or Dumb?
May 4, 2006

Cingular to bite the dust, joining Marshall Field's and NDL May 4, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 35 IN THE NEWS AT&T Plans to Kill Cingular Brand But Analysts See Change of 'Cingular' to 'AT&T Wireless' as Mistake SAN FRANCISCO ( -- It cost $4 billion to turn it into one of the best known names in the country, a future-forward, dynamic brand with a strong connection to young consumers and a share lead in the wireless marketplace. Yet, in 2007, Cingular will be tossed aside like an old sock. —Alice Z. Cuneo,, May 2, 2006 Reviving the past Famous

Calling All Small Businesses
September 1, 2005

By Irene Cherkassky BellSouth leverages database precision and creative finesse to connect with the small business market. As the southeast market leader in its category, it's no surprise that communications services provider BellSouth prides itself on keeping open the lines of communication with its customers. "Listening. Answering," not only is the motto for the Atlanta-based marketer, it also offers insight into the company's top priority and the key to its success: its dedication to understanding, and then meeting, customers' needs. With this priority in mind, the company recently retooled its new customer program for its small business customers. The result is a campaign shaped