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The Power of the Inbox
August 1, 2013

If most of your emails are promotional, please take the time to read further. I want to talk about the power of newsletters to engage your customers. If you already send newsletters, I hope you'll get some new ideas to enhance your program.

Make It an Engagement
July 1, 2010

Your website and your e-mail marketing programs should strive to engage customers. Passive sites push content and information, whereas engaging sites and e-mails find ways to facilitate interactive information sharing and collaboration. They may also include video, social networking and online communities to further increase engagement.

Rev Up Your Response
May 1, 2008

While I’m not an advocate of adding extraneous elements to mailings for the sake of being clever, I’ve learned to appreciate the response-generating value of bells and whistles, gadgets, and gizmos when used appropriately.

E-commerce Link: Engage Your Readers
October 1, 2006

When you read studies showing average e-mail open and clickthrough rates, do you compare your own results to these statistics with glee or chagrin? In either case, you have the opportunity to improve your results if you put a laser-like focus on your audience members. Give them content and offers they want, and you have a better chance of engaging them. The best e-mail marketing campaigns inject elements designed to stimulate interest and encourage interactivity. In short, they delight and engage readers. And, if your recipients feel this way about your program, they will be with you for the long haul. They’ll be much more

List Exchange for Nonprofits (487 words)
March 1, 2003

By Lisa Yorgey Lester A list exchange is an agreement between two mailers to make their lists available to each other on an even trade basis, rather than charging the usual rental fee. A mailer may consider such an arrangement if it's getting a good response on a list, but the cost of the list is not efficient, or a mailer with a similar audience or with whom you share an affinity doesn't make its list available for rent. For these reasons, list exchanges are frequently used by non-profit organizations for donor acquisition. Here, Margaret Guellich, a certified fund-raising executive who has worked for