Driving Customer Engagement: Ford's Multichannel Approach (2012 DirectMarketingIQ Virtual Show session)
March 15, 2012

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2012 DirectMarketingIQ Virtual Conference & Expo - Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk.

Part of any marketers success now depends on the ability to deliver relevant content through the right combination of channels at the right time. This session will describe specific methods and applications Ford's Extended Service Business uses to create and distribute digital content in concert with traditional marketing channels.

Ford were early adopters of personalized direct mail and email and are now using multichannel communications to increase customer engagement and improve sales penetration. It's used a more customized and targeted approach in the direct mail letters, incorporating the many data points that they had on car owners - such as geographic location, age, gender, type of car purchased, mileage, financing options, etc. Now they supplement their direct mail efforts with interactive digital content that further realized great results -- 13 percent response and 24 percent in sales penetration!

Viewers can expect to learn the following:
> How the use of relevant personalized content delivered through both traditional offline channels and digital online channels can increase response and improve customer engagement
> How direct mail can effectively drive a multichannel approach
> What digital interactive collateral is and how to use it
> See a demonstration of a proprietary application where consumers can create highly customized brochures in an online environment and produce it in real-time

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Print Production Spotlight: Defining Print’s Role in Modern Direct Marketing
April 27, 2011

An Internet information company seeking to boost response rates and drive traffic to its website was reluctant to use direct mail. After the campaign generated so-so results in numerous online channels, however, a direct mail test produced the highest response rates and the most stickiness of any medium they used—even for the coveted new-media generation of 18- to 35-year-olds. The moral: "Sometimes you find a role for print in the areas you least expect it."