Boston Proper

A Toast to Brand Effervescence!
September 6, 2013

While Shakespeare said it first, it is easily the lived mantra at omnichannel retailer Boston Proper: "Boldness be my friend." I recently shared a glass of celebratory bubbly with two smart leaders at Boston Proper—Sheryl Clark, president, and Margaret Moraskie, senior vice president of marketing and e-commerce—after being wowed by my first visit to their new boutique in Boca Raton, Florida.

Season of Thanks
December 1, 2012

How is your brand expressing its gratitude to its employees? Its customers? Its partners? Do you have a gratitude strategy? I applaud businesses that make gratitude part of their business life. Here are just a few examples to inspire your own strategy.

Brand Matters: Are You the Real Deal?
April 1, 2008

I have always been a cheerleader for the underdogs. They just plain try harder. This is why I favor companies like Caribou Coffee over Starbucks, Frontier Airlines over United Airlines, Ben & Jerry’s over Breyers and Chipotle over McDonald’s. Not only do these “underdogs” try harder, but they also seem more comfortable in their own brand skins. They are original. They are daring. They are independent thinkers. They are the real deal. Is your brand the real deal? I bet your customers know the answer. Stand Out from the Crowd As you look at the vast choices of products and services customers have today,

List View-Back to Basics (959 words)
August 1, 2001

LOOK TO THE BASICS TO TURN A MARGINAL YEAR INTO A SUCCESS By Heather Maylander It is that time of year when everyone is forecasting, predicting and projecting that all important fourth quarter sales number. How much will 2001 holiday sales be up over 2000 sales—8 percent, 5 percent, 2 percent? The naysayers will start to question whether they will even be up at all. What market segments will be hot? What will be the must-have cool gift that will headline every morning talk show? Direct marketers, too, are in the middle of the fray, depending on fall and holiday mail campaigns to

The Mark Group-A 50-Year Legacy of Service (1,709 words)
November 1, 2000

Look inside the front cover of The Mark Group's original catalog, Mark, Fore & Strike, and you are very likely to see a 1950s photograph that represents the company's founding belief: The lifetime value of each customer is more important than a single sale. Behind that photo is a story, one that shows just how strongly the company believes in customer service. The photo is of the late J. William Tiernan, president and owner of Mark, Fore & Strike until his death in 1973, and was taken by a store manager as Tiernan arrived at a Naples, FL, airfield with a dress for