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Target Marketing Group Honored With 2013 Silver Apple Award
September 5, 2013

We are very pleased to share that the Direct Marketing Club of New York has chosen the Target Marketing Group for this year's corporate Silver Apple Award! We are delighted to be receiving such an honor alongside this year's impressive lineup of individual honorees (including a Golden Apple!).

Fulfillment Goes Digital
November 1, 2007

If you’re currently leveraging the Web to enhance your organization’s fulfillment efforts, you’re probably on to something. But if you haven’t yet integrated digital fulfillment in your marketing program, consider how it can help you achieve your goals and why it may behoove you to explore this approach. Perhaps your goal is to increase response, reduce time to market, improve customer satisfaction or gain a competitive advantage? Whatever it is, digital fulfillment may be precisely what your marketing program needs to reach that next level. Highly customized brochures, downloadable software, streaming videos and e-mail are among the formats being used to deliver requested information

January 1, 2006

By Barry Blumenfield Back in the days when pitchmen set up their cases on the street and demonstrated various gadgets, they quickly learned the way to get people to buy was to throw in an additional item free. If you bought a carving knife, they gave you a device that let you squeeze the juice out of an orange. The same pitch still is being used today. That gift is the premium, and it has been used successfully for years to sell every type of good or service. In today's marketplace, the premium can take many forms. It might be an additional quantity

Literature Fulfillment in a Flash
January 1, 2005

By Hallie Mummert Best practices for delivering your fulfillment kits on time and on a dime. The key to efficient literature fulfillment is that it needs to be treated as a combination of two processes, says Barry Blumenfield, CEO of BMI Fulfillment Services in Norwalk, Conn. The first component is order fulfillment, which requires you to provide fast delivery of the right materials. The second is direct mail conversion, wherein your goal is to get a sale. David Lowndes, director of new product development at fulfillment firm Comac in Milpitas, Calif., provides the perfect example of how companies miss Blumenfield's points. How often

Product Fulfillment Problems and Solutions
April 1, 2003

By Barry Blumenfield To most people, order fulfillment may appear to be a fairly straightforward process—take an order and ship out the product. But it actually is quite complex. Consistently fulfilling customers' expectations requires a seamless integration of the product development and production, creative and promotional efforts, telemarketing scripts, order processing, customer service and shipping. For many mail-order businesses today, these tasks are handled by a combination of separate in-house departments and third-party suppliers. It is therefore exceedingly difficult to orchestrate a seamless integration of all involved parties. We decided to take a look at the common fulfillment problems encountered by

They Made Us an Offer We Couldn't Understand
April 1, 2003

If you spend any time in these pages, you know how we feel about testing. With very, very few caveats, we endorse testing of all stripes. We can't say, however, that we endorse what appears to be a testing gaffe on a recent mailing received from Islands magazine (202ISLAND0103). Make no mistake, we have nothing but respect for the operation at Islands. Its control mailing—a billboard with a poly-pouched double postcard—is one of the Who's Mailing What! Archive's Axel Andersson Grand Controls for publishing. (Visit for more information.) But on this tweaked version of its control mailing, a few wires seem to have

Real-life Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
February 1, 2003

Through actual experiences over the years, Barry Blumenfield, CEO of BMI Fulfillment Services, says he's learned of some common fulfillment pitfalls to avoid. He recently shared some tips on how to build a better back-end system: - When producing a new business reply envelope or card, submit a proof to the postal service for approval before going to press. - Always notify all involved parties (telephone service bureau, fulfillment house, etc.) of new source codes and offers before the ad or mailing drops. - Assumptions are the bane of the client/fulfillment house relationship. Don't assume suppliers understand your intentions. Rather, treat every new