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Do Clownish Ads Work?
June 10, 2008

What in the hell was Roger Berkowitz thinking when he shelled out $150,000 for ads on the sides of Boston’s trolley system touting his chain of very fine Legal Sea Foods restaurants? Here are big illustrations of fish with cartoon balloons coming out of their mouths and one-line captions that include: “This conductor has a face like a halibut.” “This trolley gets around more than your sister.” “Hey, lady, I’ve seen smaller noses on a swordfish.” “Bite me.” These sassy lines show fish that are saying fresh things. “Fresh” fish. Get it? Ha-ha. My brother-in-law lives in Boston, and one of his favorite haunts

The Top 50 Mailers
September 1, 2006

Target Marketing blended mailing history from the Who's Mailing What! Archive with list activity from full-service list and data firm American List Counsel to develop a proprietary compilation of the top users of direct mail in the United States. Included in this Top 50 listing are some of the industry's most venerable members, such as Readers Digest Association, Time Inc., American Express, Highlights for Children and AARP. And a number of these firms have practically built their businesses on the backs of direct mail packages; I'm talking about Boardroom Inc., Rodale Inc., AOL and International Masters Publishers. Particularly gratifying is the fact that the owner

Blockbuster Direct Mail 2004 Axel Andersson Grand Controls
April 1, 2005

The following is the full list of Grand Controls identified by the Who's Mailing What! Archive as having been mailed for three years or more during the past decade (1995-2004). For more information on any of these mailings, contact Archive Director Paul Bobnak, at (215) 238-5225. Or, to order access to the entire direct mail library of mailings received by the Archive between 1994 and the present, visit AARP Membership Registration Archive Code: 571AMASRP0604Z AARP Membership Card Archive Code: 571AMASRP0397A AARP Certificate of Admission Archive Code: 573AMASRP1095AZ Advertising Age Year/$69.95 Archive Code: 205ADAGEM0799Z Air & Space 5 + 1

Creative Corner: I’m a New Mover
October 1, 2004

So where are the direct mail campaigns? Greetings from Florida. I moved here permanently in the middle of June to be close to my mother. Now, instead of commuting from New York to Miami, I commute from Miami to New York. My staff, Michael, Dwain and Pepper, is down here with me, and the rest of our merry crew works out of our office in New Haven, Conn. Our new office is on the second floor of the lovely and brand-new Harbormaster’s office in a marina in Hollywood, which is about halfway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. I like the view: water, yachts

Market Focus: Fitness Enthusiasts
September 1, 2004

You don’t have to pump iron, run a marathon or attend daily aerobic classes at your local gym to be considered a fitness enthusiast. To the contrary, most of the individuals who fall into this category are aspirational fitness buffs—people who desire to be fit. A Focus on Body Image Fitness enthusiasts tend to be well-educated individuals with the discretionary income to spend on health and fitness products and services, such as gym memberships, fitness publications, exercise videos and equipment, according to Michael Fishman, senior client management director at ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, a Weehawken, N.J.-based list brokerage and management firm that manages several

Marketing to Teens (1,234 words)
April 1, 2003

By Paul Barbagallo Numbering more than 70 million people born between 1980 and 1996, Generation Y is the largest group of teenagers in American history, dwarfing even the baby boomers. Until the economic downturn of the last few years, their lives have been spent in a period of prosperity. Armed with cell phones, Walkmans and pagers, today's teenagers have grown up in the age of instant global communication, media saturation and material excess. "Several years ago, the country was in the tail end of a decade-long economic boom," says Michael Wood, vice president of Northbrook, IL-based market research firm Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU). "Even