Marketing Technology Liberates and Enables
May 1, 2015

Marketing technology has exploded in the past three years. According to Chief Marketing Technologist, as many as 1,876 tech companies are battling it out for your dollars in 2015, nearly doubled in number from last year. The largest single category in marketing tech is marketing automation, with no fewer than 211 solutions available today.

3 Tiers of Product Content (and How to Reach the Top)
April 17, 2015

Good product content can be understood — and mastered — in three separate tiers: base, advanced and user generated. Here's your primer on the three tiers of product content, why each is important and what you need to move from one to the next.

Featured Resource: Unlocking the Power of Consumer Conversation
March 20, 2015

Bazaarvoice Summit 2015: It's time to join the conversation. From June 2-4, Bazaarvoice will bring together the world’s foremost brand marketers, social strategists, media planners and social business thinkers to discuss the future of social marketing in 2015 and beyond. Learn more and register for the 2015 Summit.

Have Brands Like All Detergent and Zappos Cracked the Code on User Generated Video?
June 26, 2014

Pics or it didn't happen" might have started as a refrain on Internet forums, but it has become the guiding principle of our social media lives. From big moments like a baby's first steps to the small stuff like what we have for breakfast, there's an image of nearly everything. As a result, each day over 60 million photos are uploaded to Instagram and 12 million videos posted to

How Social Marketing Is Redefining the Super Bowl
January 29, 2014

Would you spend $4 million to reach over 100-million people for thirty seconds? Well, if you had that kind of money you could’ve bought a spot during the Super Bowl, which makes the average Super Bowl viewer worth twice as much as the average television viewer. This hefty price tag means that companies are trying to get the most bang for their advertising buck. Enter social media—a massive, largely free-to-use platform from which the world’s biggest and best advertisers can endear themselves to millions

Bazaarvoice Launches Newest Edition of Bazaarvoice Connections, a Real-Time Data Solutions Tool
October 19, 2012

Company: Bazaarvoice, a SaaS marketing company
Product/Service: Bazaarvoice Connections, a real-time data solutions tool
What it Does: Enables retailers to remove information gaps by connecting them to consumers at the point of research and purchase. Bazaarvoice Connections helps retailers drive higher sales conversion, gain product improvement insights and reduce return rates, all the while bringing new customers to their sites.

Consumer Reviews: Millennials Show More Negativity Than Boomers
June 22, 2012

Every generation contributes to the global conversation around brands, products and services. A recent Bazaarvoice study, though, uncovered interesting truths about the differences in behaviors among Generation Y and Baby Boomers. In general, we know that consumers are primarily positive when they review products online. Overall, 82 percent of all consumer opinions are positive. Even though Boomers contribute the most online, this sentiment stands as we look across the generations. The study pulled age group data from January to March 2012 across 6 million consumer-contributed online opinions in multiple countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, U.S.

City Content, Country Content: How Urban and Rural Feedback Differ
April 25, 2012

We recently decided to explore lifestyles via geography—how do “big city” people differ from “rural folk”? Here’s how we approached this problem. We started this investigation by mapping reviewers’ IP addresses captured during submission to zip codes. ... We did however find that people in the most urban demographic had the lengthiest reviews of all groups—and as reviewers trended more rural, they had less and less to say. ... It seemed so unlikely that we ran the same analysis on a larger date range of data–with the same takeaways.