B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence

Nuts & Bolts: B-to-B
March 1, 2007

While the natural onus of any entrepreneur is to acquire new leads, spending time on borderline or lapsed customers just makes sound business sense. They’re already in your database, they’re familiar with your product, and they’ve demonstrated a willingness to buy. Terry Jukes, founder and CEO of B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence, a Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based direct marketing consultancy, offers the following three suggestions on how to keep your B-to-B customers in the fold. 1. Maintain vigilance on lapsed accounts. Don’t let good customers go just because your contact is no longer with the company. Make it standard procedure to call any customer who has lapsed

Sharpen Your Focus to Increase ROI
November 29, 2006

A shotgun approach may be fine for duck hunting, but not if you’re hunting for prospective customers in a business-to-business environment, according to Terry Jukes, founder and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based consulting firm, B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence. Instead, Jukes recommends B-to-B marketers take a more focused approach. “Test more single-minded offers. Time and again, I see B-to-B direct marketers mail ‘the kitchen sink’ and hope that something attracts a new customer. While I agree with communicating the complete range of what you sell, often the message can become confusing, when a 50-page catalog is the offer,” he says. “Think about your audience by list