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Hotlists: New and Updated Files on the Market
June 27, 2013

This week, Hotlists has identified A Moving Experience - Self Reported Magazine Subscriber Changes of Address from Avrick Direct, LimitlessSingles.com - Members from Leon Henry, and Reliable Office Supplies from MeritDirect as the lists marketers should test.

E-Mail Myths and Realities
October 1, 2002

By David Bancroft Avrick Bulk unsolicited e-mail is dead. When you rent a list (even a double-opt-in-list) and send your offer—that's unsolicited e-mail. And it's dead. This article doesn't concern e-mails to your customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the most logical and viable use of the Internet. It's highly successful, misunderstood and greatly underutilized. Similarly, unsolicited e-mails to highly targeted professionals are successful. These are lists of hundreds of names of individuals with a refined business specialty. If you're sending them exciting, current information about their specialty, e-mail can be effective. This article pertains to the mass amount of e-mails