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Nuts & Bolts: Get Eye-to-Eye on ROI
April 1, 2007

The results of two surveys on marketing measurement indicate a schism over how well companies are doing with marketing measurement. In a joint survey of 150 members of Financial Executives International, only 7 percent of senior-level financial executives stated they were convinced of their company’s ability to measure ROI on marketing efforts. Conducted in November 2006 by Marketing Management Analytics (MMA), the study also found that only one in 10 executives was confident of his marketing department’s ability to forecast the impact of its efforts on sales. But that’s not how the marketing side sees things. MMA conducted a similar survey in April 2006, working

Hiring Customers to Write Your Ads?
October 12, 2006

In the Dec. 14, 2005, issue of The Wall Street Journal, Susan Varnica wrote a story titled, “Marketers’ New Idea: Get the Consumer to Design the Ads.” It seemed like a goofy idea that was being floated by Madison Avenue, but I saved it. In May of this year, ran a story by Jean Halliday, “GM Asks Consumers to Make Vehicle Ads.” Viewers of “The Apprentice” could win trips and cash for creating a 30-second spot for the Chevy Tahoe truck. Again, I saved the story, expecting never to use it. And then this past Monday morning, Stuart Elliott, advertising columnist for The New York

The Building Blocks of Multicultural Marketing
July 1, 2005

By Thomas MacDonald Your foundation should begin with research If your job description involves direct marketing, odds are this year's marketing plans include reaching one or more multicultural audiences. And if not, it's likely that you'll be faced with the task very soon. The question is—are you prepared? Many of those charged with the task of multicultural marketing lack the skills, and the appropriate resources, to effectively reach diverse markets. But with the multicultural population presently reaching nearly 100 million in the United States, multicultural marketing isn't just a buzz term anymore. In fact, marketing products and services in culturally relevant ways may