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Ken Magill Concerning Data Breach Doomsayers: 'OK, Chicken Littles; Admit You Were Wrong'
May 4, 2012

Man, do I hate saying: “I told you so.” Actually, who am I kidding? I absolutely love saying: “I told you so.” I love saying “I told you so” so much that there is a major political issue on which me and most of my family and friends disagree—which I won’t detail here—about which I have said I will manage my diabetes just well enough so I live long enough to say: “I friggin’ told you so.” I could be falling over into a diabetic coma with my kidneys rolling out the bottoms of my pant legs …

Q4 2011 North America Email Trend Results: Open Rates Increase Over Previous Quarter and Year
April 9, 2012

The Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience Council and Epsilon today released the Q4 2011 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks Results. For the first time, the report includes an analysis of triggered email messages, revealing that triggered messages represented 2.8 percent of total email volume measured in the report in Q4. These messages had 96 percent higher open rates and 125 percent higher click rates than "business as usual" messages.

When Online Goes Offline
October 1, 2007

Marketers tend to approach online and offline marketing as two separate challenges that require different sets of solutions. It often is assumed that in the world of online marketing, online data is the only data that matters. Similarly, when executing direct mail programs, companies believe that the only relevant information is offline knowledge. Correct approach, right? Wrong. Very wrong. With regard to online marketing campaigns, marketing firms have traditionally struggled to extract and leverage information from their Web analytics packages. Recently, however, this knowledge has become easier to grasp and process as some firms have homed in on how best to understand information,

Two Key Metrics That Determine Online Success
February 21, 2007

Just because you can test a host of marketing ideas more economically online than you can via print channels does not mean you are guaranteed success on the Web. And you certainly have to measure your efforts if you want to find out if anything you’re throwing up against the wall is sticking. Will Hakes, senior director, analytics at Aspen Marketing Services, an integrated marketing services firm with headquarters in Chicago, advises marketers to track and analyze the following activities to get a sense of how well their programs are working: * Clickthroughs—”I know that’s a common one,” says Hakes, “but it’s analogous to who’s opening