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Archive Observations: With A Little Help From My Friends
December 3, 2009

Member-Get-a-Member offers are a good way for companies to capitalize on the loyalty of customers. For several months, Netflix (Archive code #127-692231-0909A) has mailed promotions encouraging members to "give free movies" to friends and family, and is thanked for "sharing" one-month trial cards with them.

Archive Observations: A Political Battle Royale
October 1, 2009

Remember that nice, post-Inauguration glow? Well, it was nice while it lasted; it was back to politics as usual in July's mailstream. The centerpoint of efforts by both main U.S. political parties is, of course, President Barack Obama and his administration's agenda.

Archive Observations: Colleges, Pharmacies & Our Grand Control Update
August 6, 2009

Nearly every month, the Archive receives mailings from colleges and universities, promoting degree programs (Bachelor's to Doctorate) in various fields. Usually, like in May, the approach to professionals seeking a degree tends to be unemotional and heavily benefits-driven.

Archive Observations: Going Green & Saving Some Green
March 27, 2008

As energy costs have soared over the past several months, consumers have looked for solutions that will not only help them save some money, but perhaps be more environmentally-friendly as well. So why not try an alternative power source? SolarCity mailed a 6˝ x 9-1/2˝ single postcard in December, directing the prospect to call for a free solar power system evaluation; it sweetened the offer with a limited-time, $2,000 discount on purchase. The mailing mentions additional benefits, like electricity bill reductions and a positive environmental impact—details surely covered in greater detail later. A mailing for NYSEG Solutions (Archive code #807-713194-0712A), an energy company in