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Engagement Tracking
January 1, 2010

Hopkinton, Mass.-based Flimp Media says its recent integration of its landing page platform with more than 20 e-mail marketing services allows marketers using Flimp's video marketing and analytics to track viewer engagement and interaction with video and rich media down to a specific address. Plus, the platform allows businesses to create, edit, deploy and track video e-mail and marketing campaigns and video landing pages on their own.

Roundup of Campaign Management Solutions (2,097 words)
March 1, 2003

By Hallie Mummert Do you manage campaigns via an Excel spreadsheet and e-mail, or worse, a wall chart and a Magic Marker? With the need to operate in more than one channel for share of market and share of customer, it's getting harder to execute multiple campaigns without the aid of a sophisticated software tool. The following is a roundup of campaign management software solutions available to direct marketers. The only criteria for inclusion was that the product offer a component for direct mail campaign management; however, it could also handle e-mail, telemarketing, and other forms of marketing communication—which most do. While this is