Gmail Has the Most Engaged and Fastest-Growing User Base, Study Finds
February 12, 2014

Despite Google's recent controversial changes to its email service, including the introduction of inbox tabs and hosted images, a new Yesmail Interactive study shows that Gmail boasts the most engaged user base among the four major providers. The report released yesterday by Yesmail finds that 19 percent of Gmail users were active in the past 12 months, compared to 14 percent for Yahoo, 12 percent for Hotmail and 10 percent for AOL. The number of Gmail users is also growing far faster than any other free email service.

Who’s Your Scapegoat?
January 29, 2014

I find it interesting that machines and procedures often become scapegoats for "human" errors. Remember the time when the word "mainframe" was a dirty word? As if those pieces of hardware were contaminated by some failure-inducing agents. Yeah, sure. All your worries will disappear along with those darn mainframes. Or did they? Gets High Scores on Engaging Emails
January 28, 2014

Challenge: Email deliverability is now dependent on a sender’s ability to deliver engaging content to subscribers. Since engagement has become a key ingredient in ISP’s reputation scores, marketers need to up their game to play by the changing rules or risk poor ROI rates on campaigns. As we reported in a previous blog, 70 percent to 75 percent of email subscribers are inactive, marketers need to capture attention and invite engagement due to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL now incorporating

Opinion: Yahoo's Comeback Is All Smoke and Mirrors
January 17, 2014

The appointment of Marissa Mayer as Yahoo CEO has been a godsend for those in the media. If nothing else, the photogenic, enigmatic and workaholic chief executive has made people interested in the company again. In 2011, Yahoo was never mentioned in the same breath as Google or Facebook. But now, Mayer has propelled the company into the top tier of "Internet Companies That Tech Writers Like to Cover." Like investors, the media love a comeback story, and Yahoo seemed to fit the bill: Since Mayer joined the company on July 16, 2012, its stock price has risen 159 percent.

Gmail's Quality Paradigm: Email Opens Down, Conversions Up
December 19, 2013

Emails sent to Gmail users now drive higher purchase values while scoring lower open rates, according to studies conducted by email marketing firms. Sailthru published its Black Friday and Cyber Monday report, confirming ClickZ's earlier prediction that the rolling out of tabs would be more of an opportunity than a threat. Open rates fell 12.8 percent for Gmail on Black Friday and shrunk 7.5 percent on Cyber Monday. This compares with an aggregated 5.2 percent increase and a 17.5 percent boost, respectively, at Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail for the same periods. 

Email: The Value of a Mobile Click
November 26, 2013

Across all industries, 16 percent of sales driven by email now happen via a mobile device, with 56 percent of those mobile sales being completed on a tablet and 44 percent on a smartphone, according to a recent report by Yesmail. The email conversion rate (number of orders divided by unique clicks) remains higher for desktop than for mobile (3.7 percent versus 1.3 percent). However, revenue per mobile click is almost double that of a desktop click

B-to-B Buyers Prefer Short Content and Google
November 20, 2013

Almost three quarters (72 percent) of buyers planning to purchase a business product begin their research with a Google search, according to a recent report by Pardot. After an initial search, 70 percent of buyers then return online 2 to 3 times to do additional research, and 12 percent return online more than three times. Just under one in five (18 percent) do all of their online research in a single sitting. Besides Google, B-to-B buyers also use personal networks (15.5 percent), Yahoo (5.5 percent), Bing (2.7 percent), and LinkedIn (2.5 percent) as starting points for their research

5 Email Deliverability Myths
November 8, 2013

Email deliverability is a serious issue for marketers, even at the world's largest companies, thanks to sophisticated reputation tracking and blacklists provided by the top four Internet service providers (ISPs): Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. Unfortunately, there are many email marketers misinformed about deliverability practices. Here are five common myths

Video in Marketing Emails
November 5, 2013

Only a quarter of marketers include videos in their email campaigns, though that proportion is likely to change in the near future, according to a recent study by Email Monks. Of the markers surveyed who are not using video in their email campaigns, 25 percent say they are "very likely" to do so soon and 55 percent say they are "somewhat likely." Just 20 percent say they have no plans to include video in future campaigns