3 Tips for a Better Email Marketing Program
August 12, 2015

It's worth looking at aspects of your email program that drastically impact its performance. Specifically, I'm talking about the relationship between reliable data and dynamic content, how your emails are rendering, and deliverability.

Why Won’t Millennials Call Me?
May 21, 2015

Maybe it all started with AOL Instant Messenger when they were teens. They created acronyms like PIR (parent in room), 9 or PAW (for parents are watching), and other secret shortcuts to secure their privacy. This new technology changed the way they communicated, disrupting the late 1950s teen telephone culture celebrated in the famous "Bye Bye Birdie" number, "Telephone Hour," that spread the word about Hugo and Kim getting pinned. And of course, cultural norms have changed since the "Telephone Hour" participants asked, "Did he pin the pin on? Or was he too shy?"

Honest Marketers Spammers Chose to Impersonate in Q3
December 4, 2014

Remember the joy the #IceBucketChallenge brought to so many in the hot summer months? Everyone from marketers to individual donors voluntarily doused themselves with ice water because they knew they were helping fight ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease. On Wednesday, the ALS Association website says the campaign raised $115 since July 29. But spammers were happy, too.

Content Marketers: Facebook Wants to Own You
November 3, 2014

Starting with publishers, Facebook representatives are offering to host content on the social media site and eliminate the clickthrough—while sharing in the ad revenue. To Marcus Wohlsen of Wired, this seems like the beginning of a huge move by Facebook to host videos, news and content from public figures all in one place and make direct site visits even more rare

Navigating the Holiday Rush: How to Increase Content, Not Complaints
October 29, 2014

During the winter holidays, there is a fierce competition for attention in the inbox. Many marketers' first inclination is to increase their sending frequency in order to outmuscle other brands for mindshare, but is that the best option? While this tactic can increase your presence in the inbox it can also harm your email program by annoying your customers. Turning off prospective buyers isn't the biggest risk, either; generating more complaints can signal to mailbox providers that your messages are unwelcome, pushing them to reevaluate your sending reputation and potentially delivering your email to the spam folder.

The Yahoo Dossier
October 7, 2014

How does a publisher monetize 800,000 freeloaders—without resorting to advertising or list rental? Quite simply, I went through my private business and marketing archives (plus Google) searching out publishers who out of necessity turned themselves into marketers. I looked at what others had done to 1) monetize their existing material and 2) come up with line extensions—relevant new products and services that should delight their existing readers.

Email Engagement’s Hidden Benefit: 5 Early Warning Signs of Customer Attrition
August 12, 2014

Stop paying so much attention to email deliverability and start focusing on subscriber engagement. Keeping track of declining engagement will provide red flags, showing you when you need to re-engage your subscribers and change your messaging to save the relationship. If your subscribers are actively engaged, they'll take care of deliverability for you.