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TM0901_Market Focus, Antique Buyers (1,070 words)
September 1, 2001

By Kate Mason They're extraordinarily wealthy, highly educated, and have a penchant for purchasing high-priced items. Who are they? They're American antique collectors … and possibly a direct marketer's most desired target demographic group. ANTIQUERS' SPENDING HABITS "They're a dream demographic," says Patricia Hoffman, marketing and promotional manager for Arts & Antiques magazine, a publication that boasts a list of nearly 180,000 active subscribers with a median yearly income of $164,000. "These people are passionate about their hobby, and their purchasing percentages continue to rise." Apparently, the country's slumping economy hasn't rained on this group's purchasing parade: "On average, our readers spent $5,990 on

List View-Back to Basics (959 words)
August 1, 2001

LOOK TO THE BASICS TO TURN A MARGINAL YEAR INTO A SUCCESS By Heather Maylander It is that time of year when everyone is forecasting, predicting and projecting that all important fourth quarter sales number. How much will 2001 holiday sales be up over 2000 sales—8 percent, 5 percent, 2 percent? The naysayers will start to question whether they will even be up at all. What market segments will be hot? What will be the must-have cool gift that will headline every morning talk show? Direct marketers, too, are in the middle of the fray, depending on fall and holiday mail campaigns to

TM0101_Market Focus, Gardeners
April 1, 2001

Seed buyers represent good pickings for mailers of all sorts (735 words) By Dan Pastorius Every spring, gardeners turn up their soil for another year's worth of glorious flowers and vegetables. Indeed, an estimated 80 million Americans garden as a hobby, according to the Web site With so many enthusiasts, is it any wonder the seed market can be lucrative? And the direct mail market for plant seeds is a strong one that enjoys high response rates, say industry experts. "People who love [plant] seeds love to shop by mail, so they're direct mail responsive to all kinds of different offers," says

Is the Internet Eden or Armageddon? (1,887 words)
September 1, 2000

by Denny Hatch In the place without place, anarchy reigns once worked for a cherubic-faced, hard-drinking publisher named Franklin Watts. "Good morning, Frank," I would say each day. "How are you?" "Happy as a country without a history," he'd respond. How long has it been since the Internet was without a history and considered the new Garden of Eden—a paradise of investor and intellectual euphoria unmatched in the entire spectrum of human endeavor? Less than eight months. Remember the thinking of those heady times? • For investors, here were infinite horizons of obscene profits that turned traditional business models on their ear. "Those who

Profile-Covenant House (1,817 words)
December 27, 1998

You're going to have trouble believing this letter. I mean, what I'm about to tell you is so strange and incredible, you'll never forget it. But please understand that EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THIS STORY IS TRUE!!! I'm really praying you'll take a few minutes to read it. Thank you. Dear Friend, She came to our front door Tuesday morning, dressed in dirty rags, holding a little aluminum paint can in her arms. From the second she stepped inside our shelter, she mystified us. Whatever she did, wherever she went, the paint can never left her hands...

Alternate Options (2,181 words)
December 1, 1998

Have you tried direct mail and found it to be too expensive for prospecting? Do you want to qualify prospects using a cheaper vehicle before sending out a solo direct mail effort? Or would you like to add a new program to your marketing plan? According to Jody Smith, alternate media director at Walter Karl, a good marketing plan includes alternate media as one of its elements. "As offers become more and more targeted and new mailers continue to enter the marketplace, no direct marketer should rely on just one form of advertising to meet or even exceed their desired goals. Whether