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New Developments in B-to-B Loyalty Marketing
December 5, 2012

Business marketers have much to gain from retention marketing. Business customers tend to be fewer and more valuable—meaning you can't afford to lose even one. But how do you keep your customers active and buying from you, versus the competition?  How do you prevent defection? Let's look at the traditional approaches to retention marketing in B-to-B, plus some new developments in loyalty marketing being adopted by B-to-B marketers today, including social media and gamification.

How Valuable is a Social Media Audience, Really?
December 3, 2012

Much has been said about the state of digital audiences today, and even more about the myriad ways to build and engage these loyal consumers across social environments like Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, Pinterest and more. Promises of overnight brand scaling, more authentic audience relationships and infinitely deeper behavioral data have lured everyone from global brands to local musicians and artisans to the fray. And yet, as this audience revolution continues to unfold across the global business landscape, the pièce de résistance of reducing audience acquisition costs while simultaneously increasing the returns they generate remains an elusive balancing act. 

5 Big Brands Confirm That Content Marketing Is the Key to Your Consumer
November 29, 2012

2012 has been the year of growth for content marketing. Brands have begun to embrace the discipline as a vital part of their overall strategy. What was once a conversation on “why content marketing?” has turned into a conversation on “how to.” Here’s how five leading brands are developing content their consumers want. Virgin Mobile recently launched "Virgin Mobile Live," a social newsroom that publishes content several times daily. Featuring new music, apps and Web memes, "Virgin Mobile Live" shares content across a host of social communities including Facebook, Buzzfeed, Twitter and Instagram. To date, the site is averaging more

Twitter Gives $1 Million in Free Credits to New Advertisers for Small Business Saturday
November 21, 2012

In conjunction with Small Business Saturday (that’s Nov. 24 this year), Twitter just announced a promotion to bring up to 10,000 new small businesses into its advertising program. The company says that the first 10,000 eligible small businesses that apply for the program will receive up to $100 in credits that can be used to pay for Promoted Tweets or Promoted Accounts. In order to qualify, businesses must be based in the U.S. and already active on Twitter, but not yet an advertiser on the site.

Hurricane Sandy Reminds Us How to Speak to Customers During A Crisis (Or Not)
October 31, 2012

Major events—political, natural or economic—create a lot of eyeballs on a select set of media and stories. But as friends chimed in on Facebook, Twitter and texts, they shared stories of who stood by them during the crisis. My colleague David Cooperstein and I were discussing what marketers did and should do during a crisis. Do your customers need to hear from you during Hurricane Sandy? We’ve seen a few best practices from companies that are handling communications in a helpful and dignified way.

Marketers Use Advertising Week to Blast Microsoft Over 'Do Not Track'
October 3, 2012

Microsoft is using Advertising Week as a venue to unveil an array of services built on Windows 8, including new ad formats designed right into the operating system. But some of the nation's biggest advertisers are using the opportunity to blast Microsoft for the latest version of Internet Explorer, which will ship with "Do Not Track" as a default setting ... In an open letter ... the world's biggest advertisers let Microsoft know that if it follows through on its promise to make do-not-track the default setting on IE, that it will "drastically damage the online experience

Hal Brierley and Marjorie Kalter 2012 DMA Hall of Fame Inductees
September 27, 2012

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) announced Hal Brierley, executive chairman, Brierley+Partners, Inc.—and Marjorie Kalter, professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, teaching social media and brand management—will be the 2012 DMA Hall of Fame recipients. Both Brierley and Kalter will be inducted into DMA's Hall of Fame on Tuesday, Oct. 16, during the DMA2012 Conference & Exhibition, the Global Event for Real-Time Marketers, taking place Oct. 13-18 in Las Vegas.

Location-Based Marketing: Provide Useful Content, Not Games
September 20, 2012

Geo-fencing. Showrooming. Local-mobile-social. Those are the buzzwords cropping up increasingly among marketers attempting to build connected brands with mobile consumers. At an eMarketer breakfast on Sept. 19 (where I’m blogging and tweeting live), eMarketer CEO and co-founder Geoff Ramsey provides a quick overview of ways that brands can use location-based marketing to build closer relationships with consumers who use location-based services, such as Foursquare and Yelp. His main takeaway: If you want to build your brand with the mobile consumer, don’t offer a cute gaming experience—provide valuable content like offers and promotions. Here are his tips (he provided seven, but

InfoCision Charity Scam: Report Finds Telemarketing Company Takes Largest Cut of Donations
September 13, 2012

A telemarketing company that solicits donations for several big-name charities is keeping most of the money raised and systematically lying about it to the public, according to a new investigation by Bloomberg Markets Magazine. InfoCision instructs its employees to say, when asked, that at least 70 percent of the money that they raise for the American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association will go toward charity, Bloomberg Markets Magazine reports. But these charities, which approved the telemarketing scripts, had agreed to give InfoCision more than half of the money raised. In fact, InfoCision kept all of the donation money that

10 Tips for Effective Mobile SEO
September 13, 2012

There is little doubt that mobile search is the hot topic in the SEO world at the moment. Some brands are now finding that more than 30 percent of all searches come from mobile devices, according to Mobile Marketer. It’s fair to say that mobile search is quickly moving out of the Stone Age and into the digital age. That’s the premise of a new insight paper, "Mobile SEO Best Practices," published recently by my company, MediaWhiz (disclosure: I lead MediaWhiz’s search marketing and digital strategy divisions). In addition to a list of Top 10 tips for effective mobile SEO